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SAP-HANSAP-HANA Training and CertificationA is an in-memory database. SAP-HANA is a combination of software and hardware that is used to process the real time data with the help of In-Memory computing. It is the combination column based and row based technology. Data resides in main-memory (RAM) and is not stored on a hard disk. SAP-HANA is used to perform real-time analytics, develop and deploy real time applications. An In-Memory database defines that the entire data is stored in the memory (RAM). Time is not wasted by loading the data from the hard disk to RAM or while processing the data in RAM and the temporary data on hard disk. Hence CPU has a quick access for processing the data when everything is in-memory for the entire period.

The availability of multi-core CPUs and multiple boards per server appliance has accelerated the speed that is offered by this RAM storage system. The database conducts complex calculations as compared to the application layer that was used previously. SAP HANA has multi-engine query processing environment which helps in supporting the relational, graphical and text data for the same system. It also helps in providing the features that support high processing speed, ability to handle large data and the text mining capabilities. SAP HANA has added value to the business and has increased the business proposition. These are certain advantages of using SAP-HANA for the organization:

  1.   Real Time decisions can be made. This helps in access to real time analysis. It helps to create fast and easy ad-hoc business statistics.
  2.   The Business process can be accelerated with the help of increase in speed of information process like planning, forecasting, pricing and offers.
  3.   New insights and opportunities can be unlocked by removing the constraints for analyzing the huge volumes of data, trends, predictive analysis and data mining.
  4.    IT efficiency can be improved by managing the growing data volume and complexity of the data.

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