What are the major differences between UFT and QTP?

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uft and qtp

What is QTP/UFT? 

HP QTP is an automated useful testing instrument that causes analyzers to execute automated tests so as to identify any errors, deformities or gaps contrary to the expected results of the application under test. It was structured by Mercury Interactive and later on acquired by HP. The full type of QTP is QuickTest Professional while UFT implies Unified Functional Testing.

A new tool has been developed that integrates the two most powerful testing products on a common platform of IDE. Hence by this tool, we have a powerful testing framework for API testing and GUI based applications. These tools are namely:

  • HP QTP / Quick Test Professional
  • HP Service Test

The features of HP Unified Functional testing have improved over the period of years. These brand new capabilities and features are not available in the previous versions of QTP ( Quick Test Professional ) and Service test. Let us see some key factors:

  • Only a few articles that act as a knowledge base for Quick Test Professional can be applied to HU unified functional testing product.
  • The licenses that exist for QTP are restricted in some features for UFT. 

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Some important considerations:

  • Many, not all, of the knowledge base articles available for HP QuickTest Professional 10, 11 and HP Service Test 11.20 can be applied to HP Unified Functional Testing product.
  • Licenses for QTP or ST will work for UFT, but they can restrict some features. Hence it is suggested to upgrade the whole system to the UFT tool so that all features can be easily used.
  • HP service test standalone is required for API testing and this feature is not found in GUI testing.
  • There is an integration feature with Perfecto Mobile so that Mobile testing is performed efficiently.
  • There are lots of add-in features for testing the application on GUI platform examples are Flex and QT
  • HP unified functional testing is not the revised version for the HP service test or HP Quick Test Professional

Why QTP is the best testing device?

  • It is an icon-based device that automates the regression and Functional Testing of an application. 
  • Both specialized, just as a non-specialized tester, can use Micro Focus QTP.
  • It provides both features Record as well as Playback.
  • We can test Desktop as well as Web-based applications.
  • It permits Business Process Testing (BPT).
  • QTP Testing depends on scripting language VB content.
  • Micro Focus’ UFT utilizes VBScript to mechanize applications.
  • It supports the biggest pool of software development environments like SAP, Oracle, and so on.
  • QTP device helps the testers to perform automated functional testing uninterrupted.

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