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Views-in-SAP-HANAProperty View:

• Attribute perspectives are measurements, BW qualities or expert information.

• Attribute perspectives are utilized to join to a measurement or property view.

• In most cases used to model expert information like substances (like Product, Employee, Business Partner)

• Highly re-utilized and shared as a part of Analytic-and Calculation Views

Sample : A quality perspective “FLIGHT” can demonstrate together Airline Code, Airline Connection Number and flight Date into one Object. This characteristic perspective can be utilized as a part of explanatory and figuring perspectives where elements are applicable.

By and large trait perspectives speak to ace information. Be that as it may, however in fact there is no limitation and it’s conceivable to make characteristic perspectives on exchange information.

Logical View:

• Analytic perspectives are star mappings or reality tables encompassed by measurements, figurings or limited measures.

• In the dialect on SAP BW logical perspectives can be generally contrasted and Info Cubes or Info Sets.

• Analytic perspectives are regularly characterized on no less than one reality table that contains value-based information alongside number of tables or trait sees.

• Analytic perspectives influence the registering force of SAP HANA to ascertain total information, e. g., the quantity of bicycles sold per nation, or the most extreme force expended every month.

• It is particularly intended to execute star construction questions

Computation View:

• Calculation perspectives are composite perspectives utilized on top of explanatory and property sees.

• It can perform complex computations impractical with different perspectives.

• It can be characterized as either graphical perspectives or scripted perspectives relying upon how they are made. Graphical perspectives can be demonstrated utilizing the graphical displaying components of the SAP HANA Modeler. Scripted perspectives are made as arrangements of SQL proclamations.

• Calculation perspectives can be alluded as blend of tables, qualities perspectives and investigative perspectives to convey a perplexing business prerequisite.

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