Understand test automation framework with QTP

Category: General, QTP Selenium Posted:Apr 08, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

QTPIn this article, we shall explain the concepts of automation framework for QTP Selenium. It is the method by which we implement scripts for automation in testing projects. It is the method of implementing scripts, preparing data, recovery management, storage of test result and repositories object. The test automation framework should have these main components:

  1. Code: Auto generated recorded script, actions and functions for the various automation tools.
  2. Data: The data is external files such as flat files, XML, Excel and database as an input.
  3. Report files: Codes and criteria for recovery scenarios
  4. Object Files for repositories: In QTP testing process we shall consider the script whereas in Selenium it must be a class file, XML file, configuration file or a Microsoft word file.
  5. The data must be set programmatically for the path of folders. The script must be taken and must be stored from where data is fetched.
  6. Data communication: In this case there is a data connection to write the code for data operation. For databases we use SQL queries to write and read the data.
  7. Reusability of code that shall help to perform an operation on application that is under testing process.
  8. Data management with option to recover the data under loss. Thus data recovery is the major feature for test automation process.

Test automation framework is very important for any testing process. It plays an important role in testing an automating test. While handing test cases, we may handle scripts, data, follow coding standards, and create libraries, high extensibility, script version control and less maintenance. While exposing the test case the tester must be exposed to libraries. The libraries must be revoked. The test automation framework must support all the software applications.

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