Top-7-Trends-in-SAP-SuccessFactors.SAP SuccessFactors solution provides a set of tools that are very well integrated to manage one’s people. The tools of SAP SuccessFactors provides one with to hire the best talent, set employee targets along with business objectives, develop employee skills with measuring, determining and rewarding the best performance. The suite along with also supplements one to reduce HR cost of core HR processes to ultimately increase the efficiency of business with support compliance. SAP SuccessFactors also provides HR outsourcing tools with reduced threat factors and being cost-effective, one can even get an assist if business demands an internally shared service center. HR research data and personal statements from experts guide to a conclusion that future offices will be with the fewer workforce. The future of HR offices will be run very cost-effectively with office suites like SAP SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors as a stage is a feature rich and performance-driven in the part of recruiting, list and goal management along with a user-friendly interface. The UX developer has substantially improved features making it totally user-centric. The benefit that SAP SuccessFactors brings is it offers real-time insights which are actionable and are supported by in-depth analytics and built-in reporting. This brings power to managers to uncover unleashing the amount of untapped potential of the best talent in the market to them.

1. The performance management renaissance for almost five decades the organizations have been developing agile systems to manage performance-driven data into systems that involved was totally team oriented and cost consuming. In today’s era where technology has reached every nook and corner of human lifestyle, therefore HR region has also not left untouched which was considered to be totally workforce driven. The tools of SAP SuccessFactors helps the firm to manage a team by performance rather than an old-fashioned followed system of hierarchy which ultimately helps for dynamic team management which provides with the ability to create and change teams quickly which henceforth liquidates HR department performance that ultimately benefits business performance. Fast forward goal making strategy and easy to change and keeping on track progress. The tools at SAP SuccessFactors help in incorporating development plans that are repopulated and simple to build and developed on the basis of the data derived from employees in similar roles. Feature of online assessments with personal evaluation that ultimately helps managers at top hierarchy to manage through difficult situations. The department is provided with integrated workforce directories and other beneficial HR tools to become part of everyday life.

2. An abundance of real-time engagement analysis

the inputs from customers have been mater of incredible inquisitiveness for the marketing team and have been always finding their innovative ways to get more accurate results. Today companies are involved in even analyzing their employees to get maximum output and aim at cost-effective workforce so tools of SAP SuccessFactors are utilized. Many employers and recruiters now even survey employees quarterly and monthly which ultimately helps to revamp HR department to its maximum utilization. Sap SuccessFactors is becoming an inseparable part of the business infrastructure that not only helps top managers to understand their employees but they also being integrated with performance management systems, planning initiatives for future developments, modifications in management strategies and including all other HR initiatives. The utilization of only feedback based tools and systems will become a major part of HR platforms.

3. Beneficial data

Sensitive data of company and employees is stored and maintained with SAP SuccessFactors as the safety of data remains to top due to in-memory storage of SAP suite. The easy accessibility of information has made future of business technology totally reliable on cloud-based services. The in-memory of SAP SuccessFactors makes it totally reliable and fast serving to make customers do their maximum work on cloud and ultimately accelerates their business decision-making capabilities. SAP SuccessFactors aims at achieving beneficial data through its world-class analytics and mobile solutions which give one freedom to take the decision on the go. The success of SAP SuccessFactors relies on powerful HANA in-memory data software which enables managers to create multiple data query at a single go which wasn’t even imaginable in pre SAP SuccessFactors time Every enterprise in the market today is bound to make a difference in the world is bound to make difference through its technical and functional levels.

4. End to end business collaboration

Fields like finances, business operation, and much more that make business lines up together to lead to its success is more directly focused on SAP SuccessFactors. The skill mandatory to deliver business application all along the way to the enterprise provides customers even wider scope applications to support business from end to end business execution. SAP SuccessFactors has the long range of solid track of testimony of growth and returns to business. With strong growth business opportunities supported by the long-term business model which is sustainable and vigorous in nature lead to success backed by tools of SAP SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors has enormous resources as like of JAM feature which allows easy association with customers through its flawless matching with social networking sites. The feature that benefits maximum is its flawless matching with all mobile devices and PDA devices which ultimately helps in completing the loop of easy access to business applications and providing end to end collaboration

5. Cost effective system

The success of SAP SuccessFactors depends upon the working SAAS model which allows the customer to pay only as per their usage of business application which can be truly beneficial for small-scale businesses with small capital. SAP SuccessFactors follows multi-tenancy move where each and every customer is considered as an occupant which results in business development. The new releases for additional functions are released time to time which is available for all customers and therefore it makes it cost-efficient for users the technology platform is hosted and operated by the SuccessFactors via Web Access. It can be used by customers. The licensing price of SuccessFactors is very rational compared to the on-premise SAP systems. So any customer who wants to come out of SuccessFactors can easily do it. This attracts customer to easily go for the new implementation.

6. Innovations

SuccessFactors has been known to bring up to date its software every quarter, leading to update four times yearly. The most enterprise of average and little scale find it really hard to stay on top of all the features that come out from time to time and what would suit them best on an executive level. So these smaller sized companies do smaller implementations of sorts once every few years to hash out all that is required for the company once for all, saving more numerous tech audits. Some other companies will pick out individual or groups of features which they will integrate as and when it suits them. This is possible since features offered here to customers are mostly the opt-in type.

7. Refreshed landscape for Talent Acquisition

The market for talent acquisition and recruitment is enormous and it totally focuses on strong candidates that are strong enough in their skills to match cutting-edge skill demand scenario. SAP SuccessFactors provides user executives with such a system that sorts out the post for best candidates on the basis of skills and qualifying degree and also helps managerial post to generate a query to perform background screening testing psychological state of the candidate. The tools at SAP SuccessFactors help to perform and manage the entire complex process of recruitment ranging from applicant tracking and recruitment management systems.


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In today’s scenario organizations are operating in the conditions of great uncertainty complexity where managing workforce is a risk to their career at various stages so to revamp this adopting an evidence-based approach is mandatory for business success and specifically in human resource management. Companies must treat workforce data as an enterprise-wide corporate asset to effectively and efficiently drive the strategy and growth of the business through its talent SAP SuccessFactors helps one to accelerate his organizational understandings of big data from HR department to executive decision-making data. One can automate the collection and verification of the talented data for an insightful which gives a reliable view of his workforce. The data provided by SAP SuccessFactors can be used to filter and segment out the necessary matrices by dimensions such as gender, age and ethnic background by job characteristics such as functions tenure and supervisory relationships. Analyze and forecast trends across metrics and dimensions, including headcount, hiring, and turnover Use talent-flow analytics to visualize and analyze workforce mobility across business units, locations, or job families to understand how the movements affect cost models, career-patching initiatives, and succession plans. Go beyond the headlines to investigate your company’s progress on diversity and inclusion initiatives or to strengthen your leadership bench. Apply basic statistical methods, significance tests, relations, and regression. Improve visibility and accelerate investigations using visually interactive analysis tools that make it easy to spot workforce opportunities and risks. With this solution, you can identify the leading Indicators of organizational effectiveness and formulate action plans to achieve your corporate goals by creating targeted initiatives based on empirical evidence, not gut feelings. And with SAP, you are part of a great customer community that shares insights and best practices, helping you learn and evolve your use of strategic workforce data. SAP SuccessFactors Improve visibility and accelerate investigations using visually interactive analysis tools that make it easy to spot workforce opportunities and risks.

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