Top 5 Reason Why Companies Should Choose to Move HCM in the Cloud?

Category: General Posted:Jun 15, 2020 By: Serena Josh

Organizations throughout the industries are seeking to take advantage of Human Resources Management(HCM) Solutions to transform their Human Resources, payroll, as well as talent management. This has been largely driven by the need to stay competitive in the ever-tightening labor markets. Nevertheless, when choosing a new HCM system, among the most vital decisions you will make is whether to select cloud-based HCM or on-premise HCM solutions. On-premise HCM is installed locally and generally needs recurring fees for assistance, training, and updates. On the other hand, cloud-based HCM incorporates new techniques and best practices that aid enhance the management and empowerment of employees. Cloud-based HCM remedies not just require shorter application time but also ensure enhanced reliability and cost optimization.

Right here are 5 reasons that it makes good sense for businesses to move their HCM to the cloud:

1.Greater Employee Engagement

Cloud-based HCM solutions provide secure access to personal Human Resources data with mobile or desktop devices. Users can virtually access employee records, health benefit information, vacation requests as well as payroll information anytime, anywhere through a self-service portal resulting in enhanced employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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2. Automatic Upgrades and Low Maintenance Cost

Cloud-based HCM can be updated automatically. This frees your IT team from the labor-intensive procedure of internally upgrading systems. In addition, they utilize fewer physical resources and can be easily handled by shared IT resources. This aids significantly reduce maintenance expenses. As the HCM solution is hosted in the cloud, it also removes the expenditure associated with building a server infrastructure.

3. Seamless integration with other systems

Instead of replacing existing on-premise HCM Applications, HCM in the cloud lets you take a hybrid approach by migrating some of your HCM applications such as skill and sourcing to the cloud while preserving core Human Resources activities on-premises. The effective pre-integration capability assists effortlessly connect cloud and on-premise applications, aiding automate the entire onboarding process as well as accelerating time to productivity for new hires.

4. Enhanced workforce effectiveness

An HCM cloud solution such as Oracle HCM Cloud helps manage workforce trends and create a competitive advantage with effective reporting and deeper workforce understandings. With an HCM cloud solution, organizations can benefit from Big Data analytics as well as assessment results to enhance hiring, and also examine potential career paths and development opportunities for candidates.

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5. Simplify the Human Resources function

The majority of HCM Cloud Solutions come with plug-and-play Human Resources Tools that help simplify HR features. Furthermore, Human Resources teams do not require training in multiple software devices to be effective at their jobs. The plug-and-play Human Resources tools of HCM in the cloud shorten the learning curve while helping Human Resources teams to focus on their top priorities.

According to a report, 41% of Human Resources teams are actively creating mobile apps to deliver HR services, as well as 33%, are utilizing some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to produce Human Resources solutions. This is helping them modernize HR procedures, a critical factor for success. The right HCM cloud solution can help businesses leverage the appropriate digital and mobile tools to supply flexibility and agility to today’s digital workforce. 

Final Thoughts

A single cloud-based solution for HCM lowers possibilities of human mistakes, eliminates siloed information, and fosters organization-wide collaboration, powering superior outcomes such as reduced administrative overhead and increased productivity.

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