Top 10 Business Analyst Questions to crack BA Interview

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Top-10-Business-Analyst-Questions-to-crack-BA-Interview.Organizations started hiring a group of technical experts who knew to design systems and also to translate the requirements into lines of code. These experts are called System Analysts.  These professionals also helped in developing systems but in an unorganized way. Even though they had proficiency in developing systems they lack business acumen. In this case, there is a requirement that can analyze the need for the system, and then Business Analysts evolved and had been felt in the IT industry.

Today, there is a huge requirement for Business Analysts in both technical and business areas irrespective of the domains. Over the last two decades, the role of a Business Analyst has evolved significantly.

Let us see few interview questions to crack the Business Analyst interview.

Question #1: What is the importance of a Flowchart?

The flow chart is a graphical representation of series of actions in order which is involved in a complex system, process, or activity. The importance of a flow chart is to help the developers or the concerned people in the project to understand how the process works.

For example, The following is the sample example that shows ordering a food item.

Question #2: What is UML Modeling?

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language, the standard for documenting, analyzing, and constructing various components of the system.

Question #3: What is the significance of the Activity diagram?

The activity diagram provides an outline of workflow in the business which includes action and activities.

For example, we have various departments in an organization such as HR, Finance, and Medical, etc. An activity diagram is used to differentiate between the departments which help developers while coding and designing the system.

Question #4: What are exceptions and extents?

Exceptions are unexpected situations or result in an application whereas extends are actions that take place in a use case. 

Question #5: What INVEST stand for?

INVEST stands for Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, and Sized, Testable. It helps project managers and technical teams to deliver quality products/services.

Question #6: What are OLTP Systems?

OLTP stands for Online Transaction Processing where systems help in performing database transactions with good speed. This system is used in data entry and also to fetch data from a database.

Question #7: What is a 100 point method?

The 100 point method is used in assigning and allocating priorities to steps in a process. Each team member assigns points to every step and will be calculated at the end. The team member who gets maximum points has the highest priority.

Question #8: What is BPMN Gateway? Name the 5 basic elements of it.

BPMN Gateway is a component of process modeling that is used to control the flow of interaction and processing sequence. The 5 basic elements in BPMN are:

  1. Flow Objects
  2. Data
  3. Connecting Objects
  4. Swimlanes
  5. Artifacts

Question #9: Explain V-model?

The V-shaped life cycle is the sequential execution path of processes. Every step has to be completed before starting the next step. V-model refers to the verification and validation model. Corresponding to the development phase, testing of the product is executed parallel.


This model is implemented for small and medium-sized projects where requirements are clearly defined and fixed.

Question #10: What is Scrum Method?

The scrum method is an agile method of developing an iterative information system. In this system, the team members will work on the specific assigned tasks for 30 days.

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For more informative and engaging articles on Business Analysis, feel free to visit our website. For more informative and engaging articles on Business Analysis, feel free to visit our website. I hope that by now you have had an overview of Agile business analysis. Before you enroll in ZaranTech’s certification course on BA do check out this demo video:

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