timeBusiness analysts are known to manage their time efficiently. Their projects range from hours to weeks and months to years. So they need to make the best of the time that is available for them. A Business Analyst must juggle between his time and his stakeholder’s time. Hence it’s tough time for them. Let’s check the various techniques to manage time effectively for Business Analyst:

  1. Prioritize and planning: The art of prioritizing can be achieved with the help of TO DO list. One must record all the tasks in the order of their priority. Depending on the condition one must adapt to the plan. A record in diary for the less important tasks can be helpful. It helps to focus on the important task.
  2. Action for the Email: One must act, delete or make a firm plan in response to E mails. Too many mails can only lead to confusion.
  3. Do not spend more time on your phones: If work is in excess please try to ignore calls that are not important.
  4. Know the time value: A business analyst must try to know if a meeting is necessary or not.
  5. Expectations management: Set a realistic expectation for the work and the time taken for the work.

Time management is an essential personal skill that a Business Analyst must possess.  Time management improves efficiency for a Business Analyst as the project is delivered on time. This helps in achieving customer satisfaction. Value of time is very important for an individual. It helps to plan the day and eliminate wastage of time. Time is an essential resource. Lack of time is a common excuse by the employees. But lack of time can be resolved with effective planning and prioritizing of the tasks and activities in an organisation. For more information on the course offering,  please visit our website http://www.zarantech.com/course-list/ba/business-analyst/ .

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