The Top 10 HCM Software to Simplify People Management

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The Top 10 HCM Software to Simplify People Management

Human Resource plays a crucial role in the organization. People are critical resources in any organization. The success of every company depends on how well it retains its talent in the organization.  However, the digital revolution has disrupted the human resources industry also. Tech-HR is the new buzzword of HR experts worldwide.  

Today’s employees spend most of their time with technology. So, their productivity and interest in their work cannot be captured by merely looking at them. HR needs smart tech support, which keeps them updated about employee performance within the organization. The data like most efficient employees, productive employees, regular employees, employees coming on time, the real interest of the employee in the work area, additional skills can all be captured and accordingly employees within the organization can be rotated, promoted, rewarded within the organization.

Human Capital Management Software gives an organization a competitive edge to manage and maintain the workforce.  An HR manager needs to look into functions like recruiting, onboarding, performance management, personnel administration, workforce management, and re-training. The talent shortages, demographic shifts, globalization, different market forces, changing government policies are the challenging problems which the HR manager need to keep in mind before making any recruitment. Human Capital Management software takes care of the performance of internal employees so that management can focus on hiring the right mix of candidates.

Let us look at some of the best HCM software available in the market.

10. Gusto

Gusto is one of the best payrolling management software for small enterprises. They have to change the HR management policy by making payrolling easy, convenient, and on the go. It merges payrolling, HR and other benefits in the single system and makes management east for even non-professionals. The platform can be customized according to the need of the HR Managers. The technical, as well as non-technical, can use the platform with convenience and ease.

Some of the features that distinguish it from others are:


The software automatically finds the new employees within the organization and assists them in joining the platform. They have their accounts to manage their benefits


Compliance is the key to success for any organization. But due to globalization, protectionism changing rules, regulations, trade laws, hiring and expanding business becomes a problem. Compliance management is taking care of by Gusto.

Payrolling: Gusto has an advantage in the payrolling. It pays employees directly in their account as well as through paper cheque. The managers can split payments into multiple accounts. There is an option of paying charity into different accounts. There is unlimited monthly, weekly, biweekly, and off-cycle payroll.

employee trust

9. Dayforce:

Dayforce HCM is one of the most inclusive, modern cloud HCM platforms for managing the entire lifecycle of the employee. It synchronized data from various departments within the organization and enable HR managers to make better-informed decision. It combines all the HR activities like payrolling, compensation management, workforce management, talent management in a single application. It has a unique, flexible rule with real-time updated data. Some of the key features of the Dayforce HCM include continuous pay calculation, one, and actionable insights.

Continuous Pay Calculation:

Dayforce has designed a single, flexible rules engine for the time management of employees and payment process. Earlier, the admins are unable to access their data after the ending of the payroll process. Now the payments are calculated daily, and employees can be given a salary once the payment process is over.

One Application:

The data from multiple departments are stored in a single location. It gives data-driven insights across all HR functions so that HR managers can make better-informed decisions. The simplification of the process makes the smooth flow of work, increase efficiency, and enhance compliance.

Actionable Insights:

It gives the right data to the right people. It provides critical data-driven insights to take quick and informed decisions. The predictive analytics are aligned with the organization goals and objectives.

8. Workday:

The core of any organization is the people who run the organization. It keeps people at the center of an enterprise platform. The software integrates two core function of the organization. The synchronization of the HR and Finance domain helps the manager to view the holistic picture within the organization. It is designed to use for medium enterprises to fortune 500 companies. The company believes in the idea of keeping people first. Some of the advantages of using the workforce are:

Engage the people:

The key to the success of any organization is to keep the employee motivated and engaged. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible across different platforms like mobile, laptops, and tablets.

Support Global Practices and Local Rules:

Workday prioritizes on security and privacy that supports regulations, including GDPR compliance. It configures and automates local requirements to increase efficiency and compliance. It supports the management of countries such as probation and notice periods as well as European Work Councils.

Visualize Talents:

Talent recognition is the key to the success of the organization.  Workday has a full time and contingent labor view at one place. The HR manager can track employee performance and compare their performance within the group.

7. SAP SuccessFactors:

Effective Human Resource Management is the core of the success of the organization. The organization having productive and engaged employees will always perform better than other organization. SAP SuccessFactors believe in the philosophy of the people first. It helps to win the war for top talent, connect people to purpose, and drive results across the different organization.

Core Data and Payroll:

The software integrates employees’ data in a single human resource information system. The software automates HR process, efficiently manages global benefits and payroll, and ensures compliance. The user-friendly interface encourages employees for self-service.

Time and Attendance Management:

SAP SuccessFactors automates time and attendance management. The proactive tools help to track time thefts, labor costs, and absence trends. The software facilitates time scheduling, regulatory compliance, managing employee productivity with a single click. The employees are paid on time based on their performance every time.

Learning and Development:

Continuous learning is necessary for increasing the efficiency of recruits. Similarly, they should be trained based on their interests and work schedule. SAP SuccessFactors offers personalized training. It delivers cognitive coaching, skill gap analysis, reskilling, and microlearning. There are pre-learning analytics and succession planning.


6. Saba Cloud HCM Software:

The effective management of talent is essential for getting a competitive edge over the competitors. It is a talent development platform that gives people and teams an excellent experience while continuously updating them about their goals and objectives. The key features like learning and development, recognition, coaching, and feedback, become part of people every day’s experience.

Saba for Performance:

The critical thing about Saba cloud is that it transformed performance management to growth coaching. The software has an ongoing, interactive experience. It offers real-time performance indicators while giving feedback, goal setting, checking, peer development, and tracking the completion of their goals.

Saba for Learning:

The key to success for any organization is continuous training of its employees. Learning Management Software offers a high impact learning experience and performance metrics. The focus is to find the gap and continuous testing after learning to increase the efficiency of the trainee. It offers personalized, user-friendly, simulated game environment learning to employees to boost their performance and efficiency.

Saba Plus for Engagement:

An engaged employee is always going to be productive and assets for an organization. The management finds difficulty in keeping an employee engaged and productive. However, Saba Plus offers an exceptional employee engagement program.  It takes continuous feedback from the employees; analyze employee sentiment, and provides feedback in real time.

5. OrangeHR:

Orange HR is one of the best employee management HCM software. It already mentions that an organization should focus on the work that they loved. It offers personalized software that brings employees together. It gives a customized experience to choose what they like and leave what they do not need. It is designed to solve the biggest HR problems.

System Administration and User Roles:

It is the central point to manage and control core HR functions. The software has an extensive set of tools to manage and extract data of employees. It gives the advantage of controlling employee information. It controls the employee level of success and data breach. It offers numbers of opportunity to create different types of reports based on job title and reports.

Personnel Information Management:

Due to globalization, the company may be situated in any parts of the world. It centralizes all employee data and gives fast and efficient access to employee’s performance at the fingertips. The software creates both dynamic and pre-defined reports such as EEO, Headcount, etc.

Recruitment and Onboarding:

Retaining talent is essential for the success of the organization. It attracts and retains the best ability to give a competitive edge to the organization.

4. Tribepad:

Tribepad is a specialized recruitment management software that facilitates worldwide hiring and engagement strategy. It has a beautiful applicant tracking software that is used across the world for recruiting talents. It reduces the time for recruitment and finds the best candidates quickly. It takes care of job posting, attracting talents, finding the most suitable candidates, and scheduling an interview. Some of its smarter features include vacancy creation, talent attraction, candidate selection and
Smarter Analytics.

3. Peoplesoft HCM Software:

Peoplesoft makes a difference in human resource management within the organization. It delivers a whole new user experience to the employees and the HR managers. It offers unique features and carries continuous innovation. It lowers the cost of ownership and delivers the best value to the organization.

Run in the cloud:

Peoplesoft runs in the Oracle cloud. It saves money, helps in gaining productivity, and responds quickly to the changing business need. It offers automated, scalable infrastructure. 

Intuitive User Experience:

The modern, mobile, and fresh UI experience with an intuitive and flexible user interface keep the employee engaged and boosts the productivity of HR managers.

Powerful Insights:

The deep analytics and powerful AI gives the HR managers an edge to predict the number of recruits within the organization. The software is tailored and customized as per the personal needs of the organization.


2. Bamboo HR:

Bamboo HR is one of the powerful HCM software that manages employee recruitment and administration effectively. It offers premium functionality with affordable packages to the organization. The Bamboo HR offers facilities like applicant tracking, oversees complex leave management and payroll management.  Some of the specific features provided by Bamboo HR include recruiting, onboarding, compensation, and culture management.

Hiring:Hiring the best candidates is the key to the success of the organization. It gives the advantage of tracking applicant information and keeps them organized while going through every phase of hiring.

Manage Team Performance:

Bamboo HR focuses on giving feedback to employees, managers to keep track of multiple goals and manage their performance. It keeps them informed about critical decisions within the organization. The employees are reported on a timely basis about their goal completion and rewards offered to them.


Bamboo HR has the best analytics and predictive technologies to keep the HR managers informed about several recruits for the organization and succession planning.

1. Zoho People:

Zoho takes care of all the HR processes to make the HR manager life simpler and more focused on their goals. It covers onboarding to exit management. Zoho offers 360 degrees of HR solution. Some of the innovative features provided by Zoho are centralized and secure employee data, tracking time, and leave attendance on time and simplifying employee performance reviews.

Automation of HR processes:

The software offers an automated solution like mail alerts, create tasks, and checklists. There are options for automatic field updates and building of customized applications.

Centralized and Secure Employee Data:

The keeping of employee data secured and centralized is the key to the success of the organization. People are the only thing that an organization cannot copy. All the employee data can be accessed and managed from a central location.

Employee Performance Reviews:

The software offers 360-degree employee performance reviews. It identifies the employee’s strengths and weakness and accordingly designs job roles within the organization.


There is a wide selection of HCM software available in the market. However, we have focused on ten HCM software’s in the market. The innovation in digital technology and more than 50% of work carried out through automation has transformed HR processes also.  It is best to acquire the best employees, retain them, and get the best performance from them; to achieve all this it is necessary to have the best HCM software available in the market applied within the organization.

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