The future of QTP testing

Category: QTP Selenium Posted:Nov 02, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

paid_robotIf you are a developer who writes a test case, you must be aware that Selenium is the leading technology that is growing fast in the testing market. As we know Selenium is the core area of automated testing and automated testing is the heart of software testing.Many US companies are rapidly increasing their automated testing tools. Hence the developer uses different testing strategies to perform optimized test. If we take a look at the test, we need to run the tests across the browsers.

In GUI based software testing there is a high demand in the market for technical skills. When a new feature is installed, certain tests are rerun. This tool saves the screenshot after each page has been run. Tests are also automatically written after the execution on the reports page. This gives an advanced solution to the existing test for the developers. This tool also integrates very easily with the QC system. Due to inbuilt functionalities it has easy to install. It has simple powerful DOM testing model. It also supports multiple browsers. The tool wires object oriented programming languages in the testing process.

Hence Selenium is currently developing in the market and it’s a great career option. Various companies are using this tool and showing support to this tool. At ZaranTech exclusive QTP selenium training is provided. The course curriculum includes assignments, live sessions, quizzes, case studies, practical demo session. Hence the student gets acquainted with the tool and its application. To view the details of the course you may visit the website.

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