Specialized Categories of SAP HANA in Real-time Analytics

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The key objective of SAP is to provide high-quality, attractive and ready to implement applications based on SAP HANA to customers. SAP HANA is well suited for working with enormous data sets from different types and sources. The data should be recent and real-time. The companies require quick response and true interactivity; tasks must be carried without data preparation and tuning of data. These requirements can be effectively addressed by SAP HANA. However, the above combination of needs should be addressed in the elements on SAP HANA.

Let us see, what are the real-time analytics that SAP HANA specializes in?

  1. Data Warehousing: This real-time application solution runs on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP HANA. SAP NetWeaver BW is an enterprise data warehousing platform. This platform provides tools for modeling, extracting and aligning data. However, SAP BW is part of the SAP NetWeaver Platform. By using BW application on SAP HANA platform leads to exceptional BW performance.
    Meeting Data Challenges while undertaking data warehousing initiativesSAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) on SAP HANA

    • Performance: To meet the use case, adequate performance must be ensured by quickly handling expected queries and volumes of data. BW improves performs using OLAP database schemas whereas, HANA BW outsources the performance task to the HANA database. Thus HANA is called as SAP’s Performance Monster currently.Hana Database
    • Data Quality: The most important data management job is to keep data complete, error free and consistent. Testing is one of the important tools to perform this task. BW provides number of data validation capabilities.SAP BW Data-Quality
    • Integration: This is associated with Extraction Transform Load (ETL) tools such as Informatica and SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. Data Silo is repository of fixed data which is controlled by one department and isolated by rest of the organization.SAP BODS Integration
    • Meaning: The important task in maintaining Business Warehouse is creating meaning to the people who will use data. This tasks also includes column labeling, recognizable hierarchy building, representing point-in-time views of data clearly and visual exploration. HANA doesn’t provide much beyond standard SQL and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) access. However, BW offers tools such as time-dependent data, multiple-language support and query building capabilities.
    • Security: Based on the data, the access is restricted in data oriented systems. Analytic authorization concepts are provided by both BW and HANA. While running on HANA, BW does not use HANA’s authorization System.Hana Security
    • Architecture and Management: BW forces a lot of architectural abstraction and discipline whereas HANA acts much as normal database and doesn’t impose much discipline.Hana Architecture and Management
  2. Operational Reporting: SAP HANA Operational Reporting is a rapid deployment solution is designed not only for new HANA technology but also to serve as a baseline, to extend to all operational reporting on HANA. This provides report from various business areas such as sales, shipping, purchasing, financial and master data as well. Optimal performance with high volumes of data is ensured by the rapid deployment solution using SAP HANA.
  3. Predictive and Text Analysis on Big Data: SAP HANA ensures the ability to perform predictive and text analysis on large volumes of data in real-time. This task is carried through in-database predictive algorithms and its R integration capability. Along with this, it also provides durable way to influence unstructured data.

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