Six Secrets of an effective Business Analyst

A Business analyst affects the outcome of the software project. So what are the skills that they master? Here is a list of six skillset that makes them invaluable:

  1. They understand the core issue of the business problem :

The business analyst must be able to frame and structure a problem properly. This includes use of some technical skills, knowledge of the subject matter and common sense. With these attributes solution is within reach for the problem.

  1. Business Analysts are negotiators, translators and diplomats:

Business Analysts are corporate diplomats. They find a common objective and negotiate accordingly with the clients. They resolve conflicts within the projects. They translate between the technologies and the people in the organisation.

  1. They visualize forest through the trees:

Bas visualize the higher levels of the business. They understand how the pieces fit together in a puzzle. They understand the connecting tasks in various departments.  They are the first line of support for implementation of the project.

  1. They analyse the technology and its limitations:

The business analyst knows that technology needs a reality check and it has limitations. So we can’t assume that technology shall solve all our problems. Some things are not possible through technology. Business Analysts explain these constraints in terms of cost benefit equations, return on investment and total cost of ownership.

  1. They have credibility with their colleagues which has been gained through previous work:

Business Analysts must be able to gain trust through their work and roe in the organization they have worked with. They tend to work with departments like accounting, planning or an interest area of the IT application.

  1. They are people person:

A good Business Analyst helps other people in the project to grow in technical skills. This makes them people persons. Thus they enhance the skills of the project team.


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