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Category: General Posted:Dec 11, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

qtpOur expert has worked on the latest version of QTP selenium. He had used beta test to explore QTP. The latest version is worth mentioning due to its advanced features. These days’ new automation tools are being developed to enhance the functionality. Certain functionality can be achieved with the help of breakdown structure. This includes readability, modularity and reusability. The program is fully robust. Hence these data drove tests. We can achieve data driven framework with the help of this new tool.

With the help of QTP online classes we can understand more about QTP Selenium.The data can be obtained from various sources, these sources include excel files, databases, text files and XML files. All the data is in hard codes form. The QTP program can be data driven for the given framework with the test script, data files and object repository. For the same QTP we have developed hybrid framework. This framework is easily constructed framework. Within this framework we have two or more frameworks associated. Let’s see the various types of framework:

  1. Linear – This is the simplest form to create tests for testing. The program is written sequentially without any modular approach.
  2. Keyword driven – The main script has an approach that uses the keywords frequently just like the simple keyword format that we used.
  3. Data driven – The data is maintained in different files and various formats to perform operations. The data is contained in multiple formats. Hence these multi sets are frequently used.
  4. Hybrid – While we combine data driven and keyword driven we have the hybrid approach. This shows partial dependency on both the formats.
  5. BPT – In this framework the whole program is broken into modules and business components and each of these approaches uses the modules or the broken components.

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