SD Foreign Trade vs. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

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This article begins with one of the key questions that companies ask themselves most often, why should companies choose GTS and not SAP Foreign Trade when we’re already in ECC SD?

I have tried to reason out a few features that give SAP GTS an edge over the latter, and why the client needs to go with GTS. Hope these comparisons help to take a call if they have to implement  GTS or not.

SAP Global Trade Provider (SAP GTS) automates global trade services and enables you to take care of a large number of business partners, and high volumes of documents while also helping you to abide by changing legal guidelines.

It helps with the global trade by supplying you with the tools you need to reply to governments improving their systems and to customs authorities communicating digitally with organizations.

SAP GTS also helps you avoid the expensive delays in your import and export processes and also allows you to react quickly to global business opportunities while reducing financial risks.

SAP GTS vital benefits:

  1. Ensure vigilant compliance with trade guidelines
  2. Alleviate risks of massive penalties and fines
  3. Prevent expensive delivery delays at borders and customs
  4. Quick execution
  5. Reduced IT maintenance costs
  6. Faster Communication with customs
  7. A lot of return of investment

SAP GTS includes Four Sub Solutions

SAP Compliance Management
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1) SAP Compliance Management:

Includes all the features relating to import and export control.

This sub solution permits you to keep an eye on processes that go through licensing demands and to abide by legal regulations that restrict or perhaps prohibit trade with individual states, political groups, and individuals.

The SAP Conformity Management sub solution includes the following services

  • Embargo Check
  • Sanctioned Party List Screening
  • Product-Related Check (” Legal Control”).

All check functions are available in import and export handling. You can turn on the private services independently of each other.

ii) SAP Client Management:

Supports customs processes

The focus gets on the connection to electronic customs procedures and printing accompanying documents. There are also additional functions for goods classification.

SAP customs management consists of two services as follows:

  • Customs Processing.
  • Transit Procedure.

The “customs processing” service supports specific digital customs declaration procedures and printing of customs documents.

The “transit process” solution enables you to use the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) in Belgium, Germany, FR, UK, NL, Austria, SW and Slovenia, by enabling you to electronically process-specific customs procedure.


iii) SAP Risk Management:

Has been added to SAP GTS 3.0.

This is used for preference determination and management of vendor declarations about the issue of preference documents.

It also supports the export of CAP products that qualify for reimbursement. The letter of credit management has been included in SAP GTS 7.0.

The SAP Risk Management sub-service offers the following services mentioned below:

  • Choice Processing.
  • Letter of Credit Handling.
  • Restitution.

The “letter of credit processing” solution allows you to manage letters of credit in SAP GTS.

iv) SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting:.

Is a new enhancement to SAP GTS 7.1. This enables the routine problem of declarations for intra-European Union trade statistics (Intrastat).

Consists of service to provide Intrastat declarations.

Functionalities of  Foreign Trade with ECC and Global Trade Services:

Electronic Compliance Reporting
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Sanctioned Party List  Screening comparison:

Sanctioned Party List
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License determination comparison:

License determination comparision
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Import /Export Declaration Comparision:

Import /Export Declaration Comparision
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SAP Global Trade Providers help companies manage all intricacies of global trade consisting of complete governing conformity, interactions with customs, and management of risks while trading on a global basis.

The SAP Global Trade Solutions packaged composite application is improved the SAP NetWeaver system, an open and scalable technology system.

SAP GTS includes separate modular elements: SAP Compliance Management, SAP Customs Management, and SAP Risk Management.

These components offer businesses a competitive advantage by helping them speed up import and export procedures, minimize risks, and adhere to global laws.


I’ve listed out the best features of SAP GTS in this article, now it’s up to companies to calibrate whether these features enhance their business process and investment on this tool would be profitable. 

Also, if businesses consider investing in this software, they would be needing professionals who can work on it. So if you’re someone who wishes to build a career in this field, get yourself prepared by enrolling in our online SAP GTS  training program at ZaranTech.

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