SAP-Successfactors Key-Factors-Integration Benefits

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HR solution for your organization. This business solution depends on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The tool is intended to meet the prerequisite of enterprise-class associations. It likewise encourages you to improve business execution and show signs of improvement results. 

Toward the start of each SAP SuccessFactors implementation,  organizations ordinarily start with a vision of how they see their organization using SAP SuccessFactors to its fullest potential. The vision is frequently focused around streamlining processes, convenience, and providing strategic value to build worker engagement. During an SAP SuccessFactors implementation, it is essential to stay concentrated on the vision; in any case, numerous other key factors add to a successful implementation.

1. Change Management 

Organizations that have successfully implemented SAP SuccessFactors developed and executed a solid change in the management strategy. Their change management procedure focuses on developing workers through phases of acknowledgment: awareness, understanding, acceptance, adoption, and ownership. To ensure employees progress through to ownership, it is imperative for organizations to recognize their change management risk and distinguish how to relieve that risk. 

2. Discuss and Design Business Practices 

Successful SAP SuccessFactors implementations with their implementation partners. This activity makes an open forum to discuss best practices, lean procedures, and advancement. By documenting business practices and defining expectations for the SAP SuccessFactors Solution, you make a baseline for future implementations and integrations.

3. Project Management 

Successful SAP SuccessFactors implementations consistently include a Project Manager. The Project Manager lends support to the project similar to the key person to keep the project on track, ensure deadlines are met and deliverables are finished and that the project remains on budget. Organizations that have put resources into a Project Manager can receive the rewards of implementation remaining organized and ultimately going live on time.

As organizations hope to implement SuccessFactors, it is essential to stay concentrated on the vision of how SuccessFactors will offer some value to the organization and remember these three extra factors to guarantee a successful implementation.

SAP SuccessFactors – Integration Factors 

SAP SuccessFactors utilizes Integration add-on allows you to perform data integration between two situations, which are: 

In any case, the final selection relies on organizational structural data, qualification data, and compensation.

Let’s learn about all these factors: 

  • Compensation Data – Compensation Data process causes you to transfer data from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors. This causes you to transfer planned data.
  • Employee Data – Helps you to transfer employee and company-related data from SAP ERP HCM into SuccessFactors. This factor encourages you to deal with the Talent Management process in SuccessFactors. 
  • Evaluation of Data – After, this process employee pre-hire data ought to be sent out from the HCM suite to SuccessFactors. After that, it is separated, and data will be sent to SuccessFactors. 

Finally, imported and exported data is stored in various stages, and with the utilization of Transaction. This helps you to move the data to the employee master. 

Advantages of Using SAP SuccessFactors 

Here are some fundamental pros of utilizing SAP SuccessFactors.

  • It offers scalability and allows unlimited extensibility. 
  • Provides the complete end-to-end recruiting solutions.
  • Performance and goals module is the most effortless approach to follow and maintain professional and personal goals.
  • SAP SuccessFactors makes onboarding a planned procedure that encourages any organization to build their job satisfaction, time, and productivity.
  • It causes the association to inspire their workforce to perform at their best and produce an accurate compensation for-execution culture. 
  • It offers performance management and smoother compensation.
  • It permits you to make an approach that includes learning management solutions.


SAP SuccessFactors developed and executed a solid change in the management strategy. Their change management procedure focuses on developing workers through phases of acknowledgment

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