SAP SuccessFactors Extension – Continuous Performance ManagementIn this progressive world, the traditional performance management processes are not much relevant, expressive and sufficient to engage. The traditional evaluation procedure is time taking, discouraging and complex, as a result of which maximum of the organizations got frustrated and seeking out a new overall performance management technique. With respect to these issues associated with the employee’s performance controlling, the SAP SuccessFactors have provided a considerate implementation called Continuous Performance Management i.e. CPM. It is a part of the SAP SuccessFactors performance and goals, which helps to enhance the productivity and growth of their staff. Continuous Performance Management enables the expressive and frequent enactment discussions among the employees and the managers.

As an extension of SuccessFactors, CPM is a mobile-friendly application which is available on an SAP cloud platform whose basic intention is to mechanize the overall performance evaluation practices. SAP’s SuccessFactors CPM helps to provide non-stop remarks and coaching to the managers and employees, as a result of which the employees can stay attentive and engaged, and perform at their level best. The organizations are flexible to develop their own, exclusive performance programs based totally on their discrete culture and requirements.

However, the outdated performance evaluation method has been an awesome method for its proficiency to remove the conversation barrier amid the employees and managers, but then also the management does not want to adopt this yearly performance review process. Because this process is more time consuming and inadequate. The organization is required to discover an alternative technique to become aware of the correct talent internally and to allocate the relevant challenges to the concern person. These procedures are now computerized with the help of SAP’s SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management by utilizing the accurate apps and features.

The Continuous Performance Management i.e. CPM application is also integrated with the Microsoft Outlook, including the automatic generation of registration conferences which are mostly event-based. The automated process of these steps enhances the individual feedback gatherings between the managers and employees. Apart from these, the app also represents a reliable collection of talents, including drag and drop functionality in order to improve the transparency and uniformity.

With the help of this solution, the managers can introduce their set of surveys from a widespread list, as it delivers an incorporated review competency for the managers. Now not handiest this, by utilizing this survey the managers are allowed to capture the extra greater feedbacks from the employees with the help of their mobile phone.

Benefits of Continuous Performance Management:


There are various benefits of utilizing the continuous performance management within the SAP SuccessFactors:

1. The employees’s are able to take more ownership regarding their performance, as the continuous performance management offers a method for them to carry out this task.

2. The employees can report the progress about their work. They can capture the achievements and stay associated with the enterprise desires, so that they can get the feedback and enough training they needed to perform and improve.

3. The managers are able to view their teams and work, so that they can guide them in an effective way regularly.

4. The HR can keep track of the frequency of individual communications going on within an organization.

5. The manager and employees can have the performance discussion and provide effective education, the HR is responsible to guide them to carry out this task.

6. The new computerized expertise decreases office work, so that the prolonged technique may be finished extra efficaciously.

7. The recruiting and training costs are also reduced by the businesses because the managers can figure out the employees internally. Also the correct reporting, planning helps to link the business with the other HR solutions.

The features not only allow the employees to become aware of their areas of interest, but they can also visualize their own accomplishments across old timelines in their hands.

Nowadays, the organizations have been given more importance on continuous performance management to make it successful for many years. The continuous performance management grasps the processes that motivate more frequent response conversations and discussions about the development of the staff, however, the managers did not pay the attention towards the on-going discussions, as they have got another commitment and involvement in other activities such as profitability, productivity etc., to move further and avoid resource development. As a result, it is important to have continuous performance management to view the overall performance of the employees.

Factors of Continuous Performance Management:

The various factors of continuous performance management are:

Meeting:It is the basis of continuous performance, from a progression perspective. With meeting, you could view all activities, topics and coaching advice.

Notifications: It helps to keep the employees and managers on the right track. Notifications include emails, mobile and items on the To Do List. If the employee is up to date the one-on-one meeting within a pre-described period, the employee will receive a notification. If the employee has not met with the manager within a particular period, the manager will acquire a notification.

Annual Summary: In this the most outstanding activities or items are targeted. Continuous performance is an Opt-In feature and it is created on meta-data framework. It is a mobile-ready app and does not require a distinct license.

Challenges in Continuous Performance Management:

Continuous-Performance-Management-solutionContinuous Performance Management i.e. CPM’s success depends on the active and engaging discussion between the managers and employees about the performance and development. They should have these kinds of continuing feedback discussion on a regular basis, but sometimes fail to achieve this, which is one of the main challenges related to continuous performance management. The other challenges which are included in the CPM are:

The increase in employee erosion rate continuously.

The brilliant and qualified resources are shortly available for the forthcoming management role and little engagement of the employee.

To make the Continuous Performance Management process successful in the development and overall performance of the employees, the SuccessFactors had commenced a sequence of conversation and meeting with the customer. SuccessFactors had identified few conditions which represent the CPM’s growth and development.

  • Inspiration and Buy-in: The continuous Performance Management works fine when the leaders make the strong promises with their time, energy and resources. The business approaches can also alternate within the organization due to its CPM.
  • Feedback-rich Culture: It is simple to implement Continuous Performance Management in the organization, if the peoples are already familiarized with the technique of providing and getting feedback frequently.
  • Objective-Oriented Culture: If the objectives are described well, then it is easy to move further with the CPM and gets communicated.
  • Quality Relationships: If the manager and employees show a sturdy association and they share their perspectives, feedback, promises and accomplishments with each other than the motivation and team culture is visible.
  • Getting and giving feedback: More value would be added to the CPM easily, if there are exercises and open debates on culture and feedback sessions on a regular basis.
  • Feedback Schemes: It is necessary to define the feedback process, as the CPM depends on the regular feedback conversations, that inspires day to day discussions. It would be beneficial to have effective feedbacks for the receiver and the participants.
  • Program Assessment and Management: It is important to activate the feedback and conversation, so that the discussion can be recorded and maintained.

The peoples within the organization should be transparent on how the continuous performance is carried out and the decision is made.

Continuous Performance Management’s Features:

CPM is a continuous process involving events, goal arrangements, feedback and achievements, it is a very flexible process that shows continuous engagement. Some of the key features are:

  • With CPM it is easy to seize the everyday working activities.
  • It provides higher transparency to the managers.
  • It tracks each and every activity.
  • It provides support and feedback whenever required and activates notification.
  • It captures achievements and request feedback and provide continuous feedback.
  • It can be combined with other SuccessFactors modules like PM etc.
  • With the help of CPM it is possible to execute the ad-hoc reports.

It is necessary to check the solutions of CPM and how it gets coordinated with the existing processes. Well, there is not even a single best practice to carry out this task. It is the CPM’s distinctiveness that it can be used in an addition to the existing talent process and can be even replaced and streamlined. CPM has provided to observe the number of paths according to the needs of the customers.

As a part of the SAP SuccessFactors performance and goals, the latest updates on CPM involve:

Request for Peer feedback: With this, the employee’s and managers are able to take the feedback from the peer persons at any time concerning the employees achievements. Based on this the employees can get quick and properly-time feedback  from the others for their work.

CPM’s integration with overall performance review form: The achievements that are taken within the continuous performance management can be shown on the achievements tab in the goal sections, which makes it simpler for the managers to carry out the accurate and formal assessments.

The new instinctive mobile competences for continuous performance management gives employees and managers a continuous intuitive mobile experience, easy to use and superior performance.


Continuous Performance Management is a tool that essentially transforms the way of tracking performance. It allows managers and employees to get continuous feedback. By using CPM, the employees can offer visibility to the managers on activities and achievements in an organized manner, whereas the manager can provide feedback constantly, and offers continuous support to the employees regarding different matters in which they involve. CPM offers various advantages when it is combined with SAP SuccessFactors Talent management suite. The users are able to produce more sturdy reports and deliver greater statistics for the goals and developments. Subsequently, the managers are able to have the information to investigate and measure the employee’s final performance. Based on these data the managers can make better decisions and performance. CPM improves the user experience together for staff and superiors so that workplace risk is reduced.

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