SAP HANA Cloud Integration for Data Services

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SAP HANA Cloud Integration for Data Services

The present day market is abuzz with mentions of IoT, Cloud Computing, and everything it has to offer. Data Services are at the heart of such discussions along with digital marketing which have taken the world by storm. SAP Process Orchestration and SAP HANA Cloud Integration are similar discussion points for customers, both on the employee and enterprise level.

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SAP HANA Cloud Integration Overview

SAP empowers enterprises by enabling them to harness investment regardless of whether they are cloud enabled or not. This is made possible through the launch of the HANA Cloud Platform. The SAP HANA Cloud is nothing but SAP’s in-memory Cloud platform which enables Developers to build, extend and run – all on the Cloud. This enables SAP to provide a group of application services known as the SAP HANA AppServices which helps Developers to build their respective applications.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration Architecture

SAP HCI is a relatively fresh product from the house of SAP and it represents a strategic integration platform for all of SAP’s cloud customers. It has a lot to offer starting from out-of-the-box connectivity across on cloud and on-premise solutions, and it even offers the possibility of building integration flows. The feature dealing with integration flows allows users to consolidate varying system protocols, services and messaging transformations into a simple visual entity. This particular product is being marketed as a Software-as-a-Service. SAP provides not only HCI standard content, but also the tools to manage and monitor the integration content.

Benefits of using HCI

  • There are numerous advantages to using HCI which are as given below:
  • The unique feature of Integration flows enables one to link every type of application that communicates using different protocols.
  • Enhanced application integration enables one to improve business processes all round and bring about improved productivity and accelerated access to data.
  • Pre-packaged integration content which includes templates with pre-built process integration, data integration flows and other integration artifacts can minimize the total cost of ownership TCO for developing and maintenance of custom integrations.
  • Minimization of the Integration efforts and risk of compliance.
  • Ensures complex security requirements of electronic communication are met.
  • The need to monitor, support, or upgrade SAP HCI is eliminated because the entire platform operates on the Cloud Platform. This feature helps in minimizing the cost of infrastructure and application management and cloud-based technology lowers implementation risk and enables reliable upgrades.
  • Pre-existing SAP PO content is also supported which serves as a great time saver and can be imported into HCI as well.

HCI from a Security Perspective

Integration Solution security is an obvious concern among enterprises, since the Cloud with its benefits also brings about a wide range of online security threats.  HCI offers both Message Level and Transport Level security. When it comes to Transport Level Security, it is decided by Adapters and transport protocols.

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But when it comes to Message Level security, it can be applied regardless of and/or on top of the applied transport level security. It is used for signing and verification of a message along with encryption and decryption of message content.

The Data Services Agent can be used as another layer of security. DSA can also be downloaded and installed even locally in the application landscape. DSA allows for the data flow between the Cloud and on-premise systems without actually needing to open a firewall to inbound traffic, or even configure a VPN.


SAP HANA Cloud Integration comes close on the heels of the current market trend which is gearing up for global Cloud adoption and AI application in various enterprises. Therefore it is wise for enterprises and individuals alike to get trained on this amazing application.

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