SAP HANA Career Opportunities – Why you should Master in SAP HANA

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SAP HANA Career Opportunities

SAP HANA is the highest growing technology; hence, there is no surprise in plenty of career opportunities in this field. Since it is one among the fastest-growing products in the history of SAP, it is considered by the industries as a groundbreaking key for in-memory databases. HANA is faster data processing software that is developed by SAP, the commercial software company. SAP HANA job profiles are rated as vastly paid among Information Technology industry over other modules of SAP.

SAP HANA titles that, it stimulates the following processes:

  • Applications and analytics on a single
  • Data processing
  • In-memory platform and combining databases
  • Application platform capabilities

SAP HANA and its associated modules are designed to build a new ecosystem where HANA can manage other SAP modules. Hence, it is the exact time to enter into the SAP HANA career. Here in this article, we are going to explore the career opportunities of SAP HANA and importance of learning this platform.

SAP HANA is popularly known as next generation business suite that brings together the following things:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Transactions
  • Social Media
  • Design Connections
  • Mobile Experience
  • Collaborative Business

Why Employees prefer SAP HANA?

Why Employees prefer SAP HANA

An immense number of employees working in the manufacturing industries including automobile, chemical plants, and steel plants have a tough profile. For instance, the job profile of maintenance engineer includes high physical activity demand, huge pressure to maintain machine and no entertainment. Hence, people preferring to enter into IT sector. If you are searching for the ways to enter in Information Technology sector, SAP HANA offers you the best picture.

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer SAP HANA

  • They will be possible to receive high package
  • They will able to have a less stressful life
  • They will enjoy greater career options ahead
  • It is simple to have SAP certification at any stage; hence, the job is secured
  • They will get a chance to work with software that shows more creativity

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Career Growth in SAP HANA

Career Growth in SAP HANA

Experts state that SAP HANA ensures the best career growth. SAP has released HANA as the platform and database on which entire application will function in the future. The demand for the SAP HANA professionals evidence the success of this migration. In addition, HANA remains as one of the best solutions that offer fruitful revenue to the businesses; hence clients in IT started to invest in this platform. The career growth in the SAP HANA is enriching and it would continue to a long way.

In recent times, candidates with experience in SAP HANA are paid with the highest salary. The average SAP salary in the USA is $33 per hour or $ 64, 540 per year. Based on the study on 255 salaries that is extracted from SAP Job description, salary range for the entry-level candidates’ starts with $45,000 while the range of the most experienced worker touches up to $90,000.

Here is a list of average salaries for the SAP related jobs

  • SAP HANA Consultants receive around $97, 143
  • SAP Business Analysts receive around $84, 406
  • SAP Consultants receive around $68, 528
  • Functional Business Analysts receive around $92, 902

The following table illustrates the comparison of SAP salaries over minimum wage and median wage in the country USA.

Minimum wages of SAP HANA Consultant

Average Salary of SAP HANA Developers
Image source: indeed

The above figure shows the average salary of SAP HANA developers per year in the USA.

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Road Map to Start A Career in SAP HANA

Road Map to Start A Career in SAP HANA

If you want to begin a career in SAP HANA, then here are some of the areas you can choose to specialize.

SAP HANA Modeling

If you want to specialize in this role, it is essential to have SAP HANA modeling expertise. BW on SAP HANA skills also required for shining in this role.  The road map of HANA modeler learning includes the associates as well as professional certification, which will enhance your career.

SAP HANA Application Development

This role requires candidates who include SAP HANA development expertise. According to the applications, knowledge of HANA ABAP or HANA XS will also be helpful

SAP HANA Database Administration and Security

If you want to enter in this role, you should be able to manage recovery, backup, security, general administration and performance on the database of the SAP HANA.

SAP HANA DATA Replication

This role covers SLT replication, DXC, and BODS. This role includes the responsibilities like those that replication setup, supporting data replication from various sources to HANA systems.

Undoubtedly, based on the current trend, it is little hard to outline the career roadmap of SAP HANA.  Since the market trend is developing day-by-day and several new areas will be progressive in the future.

Let us discuss the way to master HANA and prepare for Job

  • If you want to start your career in SAP HANA, then it is essential to have primary knowledge of this platform.
  • Start to enroll an SAP HANA training course. The training center offers you a complete study material and training videos on SAP HANA
  • Obtain a practice on live server access to enhance your confidence level on HANA
  • In order to enter for certification; it is advisable to test your skills with practice exams.
  • Once you have certification, it is ideal to practice with interview question before appearing for the job.

SAP HANA Application Sectors

Why Should you Master in SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a kind of software that develops relevant outcome for the business by combining a huge amount of precious data at a quick pace. If an organization is in need to manage a situation where the amount of data raises beyond their limit of conventional data analysis, it is ideal to choose HANA software to upgrade data processing capabilities of the company. With the appearance of a large number of reputed SAP HANA training providers, now it is simple to implement SAP HANA. Since the SAP HANA training can be offered through various sorts of packages, an organization can able to quickly implement the SAP HANA system.

This system emerges as the attractive substitute for the time-consuming and traditional method of data analysis. This is because the compilation of powerful memory hardware and software from SAP partners’ supports to evaluate more than one kind of data sources simultaneously even for huge volumes of data.

By using SAP HANA, it becomes effortless to analyze as well as handle a large volume of data in a cost-efficient way and at a quick pace. It also reduces the complication of data manipulation and data management. It can raise the profit of companies, which has implemented SAP HANA. Since it makes it simple to determine the opportunities of profitable sales across the entire sales associated data precisely.

Here are some of the notable benefits of SAP HANA

  • It includes real-time insights; hence, it is possible to make valuable assessments in no time.
  • It includes the ability of rapidly analyzing, and reporting to stimulate the key business process
  • It makes novel business models and business processes by forcing innovative solutions
  • SAP HANA reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); since, it requires less hardware, less testing, and maintenance
  • With SAP HANA, it is possible to capture the operational data into the memory without affecting the flow of business functions. It provides a flexible view that disclosure the analytic data rapidly. In addition, it is feasible to append external data with the analytical model in the motive to expand the evaluation throughout the enterprise
  • With this system, an organization can instantly research as well as examine entire data, including analytical and transactional virtually from any kind of data source in the real world

Further, it allows various chances for accessing its details.

Because of these advantages, organizations begin to implement this system in their environment. This, in turn, increases the demand for the candidates who are able to work on this system. Being trained to implement HANA to match the requirements and circumstance on where it is planning to implement is essentially vital for using this system efficiently.

Several training providers are emerging across the world to assist the candidates being a master in the SAP HANA. The online training method includes e-learning method. Being SAP HANA trained professional includes many benefits like making them aware how to use the HANA system, enhancing their employable talents and prioritizing by their employers.

What is the Career Option of SAP HANA?

Acquiring learning, training, and certification not enough to attain a great career in the SAP HANA. It is essential to be aware of where your skills can be suited in.

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Categories in SAP HANA Consulting

It is significant to aware that the SAP HANA professionals are referred as SAP HANA Consultants. As like other technologies, SAP HANA includes plenty of sub-zones. It is suggested to have a clear idea of altered classes before taking final decisions. You must choose the field based on your interest and knowledge. Before beginning to learn the subject substances, try to be clear out which one of these sub-zones will suit you best. Here you will get an idea on which group suits you to becomes an SAP HANA professional.

1. SAP HANA Performance Consultant

This consultant generally proceeds the ideas that are developed by the Business Consultant. Then they create architectures, clarifications and build using HANA enterprise. Usually, this consultant creates models using the SAP HANA Modeler tool.

2. SAP HANA In-Memory Business Consultant

These consultants distinguish more than one business verticals, and typically a count of business lines, with a specialty. For example, supply chains, backend purchase or retail sales. These consultants also recognize how in-memory tools can influence businesses and acquire how to associate the knowledge idea to business environments. It is good to refer the In-memory Business Consultant as the Functional Consultant. As similar to the Finance Business Lines, the talents of this consultant might be applied cross-industry.

3. SAP HANA Operational Consultant

SAP HANA Operational Consultant includes the talents like expertise in technical architecture, Linux, SAP HANA installation and migrating systems’ installations. In addition, they also include the knowledge of the basis of SAP.

4. SAP HANA BW Consultant

The responsibility of SAP HANA BW Consultants are somewhat similar to the role of the systematic BI Technical Consultant; however, there are some obvious skills on modeling, architecting and re-architecting BW solutions within HANA system, which are vital to understanding.

5. SAP HANA Application Developer

HANA needs a modification in the way that applications are developed. Hence, whatever sorts of application, you are planning to develop – be it mobile applications using the application layer of the HANA XS layer, or ABAP applications utilizing the HANA database, it is essential to understand the existing in-memory computing concepts and development platforms. The role of SAP HANA Application Developer includes these skills to build high-performance applications.

6. SAP HANA Security Consultant

This is one of the specific zones. However, we cannot do without this zone. Security models, security design, and access control are unrelated as of the mode that SAP HANA is measured. Hence, you have knowledge of business security apprehensions, compliance, access as well as audit and SAP HANA to handle this well.

7. SAP HANA Project Manager

Management of SAP HANA projects requires the typical project management expertise with some basics of agile methodologies. The SAP HANA Project Manager is responsible for handling how SAP HANA modifies project lifecycles.

The following graph illustrates the yearly salary details of SAP professionals based on their job title.

yearly salary details of SAP professionals

Image source: stechies

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Hope, all the above details will offer you a clear picture of career opportunities of SAP HANA and importance of SAP HANA learning. With all these advantages, becoming SAP HANA expert boost your career growth and enjoy high salary as per the industry standards.

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