SAP Analytics Cloud – Hybrid Customer Experience based on HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

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SAP Analytics Cloud – Hybrid Customer Experience based on HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

This article talks about the experience of a large private business that has decided to take on a full cloud strategy for its entire information system. Leading Company in Service Market, it has migrated step by step by each of its business features in either a public cloud software (Software-as-a-Service) and a cloud-managed services (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) such as SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

This large customer also embraces an ambitious and necessary digital transformation strategy by implementing several private and high-value use cases. Cloud technique has clearly been adopted for powering these jobs by making it possible for cost optimization, agility, and scalability.

Their major goals are:

  • A Financial approach focused on reinforcing the economic position.
  • An outstanding customer experience by delivering ingenious solutions, based on new best practices in a competitive market by taking into consideration market and technical trends
  • Optimization of core competencies
  • A need to get more agility in an extremely competitive market

Why SAP?

As a strategic Partner, SAP and the Company collectively shaped an ultimate broad view of their target-style based on SAP portfolio since:

SAP delivers complete functional and technical scopes required for supporting Client’s ambitious strategy. Customers can choose between pure Public Cloud applications or On-Premise solutions hosted in SAP managed cloud services or in any kind of third-party hosting providers.

  • SAP enables a hybrid strategic approach, valuable and practical to migrate from on-premise to cloud with no disruption.
  • SAP strategy is fully aligned with the Company’s strategy. SAP communicates Live Service includes in its Applications, HANA actual time in-memory system and Live Analytics, which are essential to support Business’s strategies.
  • SAP provides Hybrid Analytics in the Cloud and/or Managed hosted solutions and/or on-premise.

Project and Key Success Factors

In 2016, our preferred Company decided to confirm the concept, capacity, versatility, and performance of SAP Analytics to support their Analytical approach. by delivering:

  • End-to-end real-time Analytical abilities thru
  • Business Intelligence: Dashboarding, Reporting, Data Expedition
  • Embedded Predictive functions
  • And Planning

Connectivity to a large and varied Hybrid landscape. Analytics should connect any operational systems wherever located and whatever technology is.

High performant analytical abilities on large datasets and high-speed data stream. SAP Hybris front-end applications create 1.5 million events a day. Our Company expected to get real-time insights based on the huge functional data stream.

Company’s Landscape

Company's Landscape

The company possesses a large applicative landscape made up of SAP Service ByDesign, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Hybris, SAP BW on HANA, SAP BW4/HANA, SAP HANA on SAP Cloud System, SAP HANA On-Premise, Salesforces, Netezza. All of these applications will be used as a database for Analytics.

Project– Key Steps

Connecting Public Software-as-a-Service applications to Data Sources situated in secretive domains (Client and third-party companies)needs deep analysis of target architecture, network, and security matters. The business landscape is complex, we did not consider the connectivity as a sub-task of other projects. Connectivity had been a task of its own right. Then, to be successful project administration has been a crucial task due to the fact that connectivity configuration is not a one-man task. Connectivity on a large-scale landscape complied with a stringent process where various stakeholders needed to be directed, dedicated and had to deliver their expertise in their specific area of responsibility at the right time.

Connecting SaaS applications to on-premise applications called for to initial deeply recognize the overall picture of the architecture. Reading prerequisites has been fundamentals for all stakeholders. Comprehending the technology and concepts of SAP Analytics Cloud and also Information Resource systems have been essential. Before starting any type of settings, we arranged a design workshop to straighten all recognized necessary stakeholders to execute quick and smooth settings, on schedule, on the scope. We have composed a connectivity SWAT team with the Firm’s CIO as enroller as well as had recurring regular meetings.

Connectivity SWAT Team Needed To Evaluate:

Insight needs: to identify calls for data sources, data volume, data confidentiality, and complex computations. We doubted regarding moving data or otherwise, estimation location based on complexity and data volume, efficiency problem, blending, and so on. For example, we had actually big datasets supplied by SAP Hybris with all Service events in the HANA database located in HEC. With such a big table, we decided to leave data in HANA Database and accessing it thru Live Link Calculations that have been created in HANA itself to allow high speed and on the fly, insights based on live functional data. Thanks, HANA!

Data Flows: To classify Inbound and/or outbound requests and type of flow (live connection or data acquisitions) based on data sources and calculations. This step has been essential to elaborate precise network and security solution demands especially for SAP HEC and third-party companies.

Network: To isolate necessary network settings based upon data circulations, such as firewall program, tons balancer, reverse proxy, and so on. We understood that network setups can take some time because of the several third-party carriers and security compliance of every service provider. We did not under-estimate network setups due to the fact that security was important.

Security: to identify and setups such as Identity Provider settings, Customers and roles management, valid SSL certifications or x509 certification for an authentication-based certificate, etc. Similar to network setup, we expected that security can take a lot of time due to the multitude of carriers and systems. The team understood that job could be stuck only for simple privilege concerns.

SAML 2 single sign-on (SSO) has been generalized to streamline verification and security. With such innovation, each application keeps its very own customer and also function administration. SAML 2 enables customer and also function mapping based on a single identity carrier database. We had to inspect if applications and data resources can support SAML 2 SSO standard. Otherwise, some other tools have been considered (ie. Kerberos/SPnego).

Project Management: Customers are expected to go fast and also to lead numerous tasks in parallel. We had at least 5 tasks running at the very same time with their very own analytics requirements. A clear project roadmap had been planned and shared to prevent frustration and a side effect. The company has welcomed a complete cloud technique without any IT. After that, it has been important to identify that was responsible and can do, support, and make a decision. We had a RACI matrix of all internal and external stakeholders.

Data Acquisition versus Live Connection

Customer expectations were primarily oriented to Live link for enabling real-time insights. Clearly, all configurations were not functional for different factors, volumes, confidentiality, and available analytics attributes. We need to choose based on analytics attributes, nature of data, insights, and data source types.

Before beginning, all participants of the connection SWAT team have meticulously checked out System Demands and Technical Prerequisites record and also inspected if the company’s landscape was adjusted with what is sustained, version, and connection type. This action is important to prevent any type of unintended stop during the project. We have additionally examined roadmaps to prepare for future abilities and sustains which could be positioned in the project plan.

Our experience, best practices but also restrictions have conducted our choices. Numerous standards have been taken into consideration:

  • Analytics practical requirements
  • Performance restrictions
  • Data privacy constraints
  • Data volume constraints

Data Acquisition versus Live Connection

Performance Constraints

The company decided to use on-premise SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (BOE) Analytics in HEC to do high performant computation on the big table straight linked to HANA Database. This alternative has actually been selected to get direct live connectivity with no extra network and security layers. Even if SAP Analytics Cloud can do the Job, the proximity of SAP BOE with a huge dataset was far more convenient to run high-speed insight by streamlining network and also security layers.

The performance was especially required for a very large table feed by SAP Hybris in real-time. All calculations were developed in HANA Estimation sights which are accessible by either SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. These sights have required optimization at HANA level to make it possible for on-fly aggregation based on ample input control to prevent the transfer of huge quantity.

Data Privacy Restrictions

With a live connection, data remain in your back-end. As quickly as the client anticipated to keep complete control of data personal privacy, a live connection was the most effective option, even if the information is encrypted and secured in data acquisition kind.

Data Volume Restrictions

With the live connection, data quantity is processed in your back-end system. There is no theoretical restriction. The inquiry is performed in the back-end system. The query must limit quantity went back to the Web browser by using sufficient input control or gathering.

Data acquisition, it exists volume constraints as follows. Data acquisition limitations:

  • Columns: 100.
  • Rows: 800,000.
  • Dimension members.
  • Planning models: 250,000.
  • Analytic designs: if there are more than 250,000 one-of-a-kind participants, the measurement will be only.
  • Dimension members with attributes: 150,000.
  • Dimension members with geo enrichment: 200,000.
  • Dimension participants in pecking order: 150,000.
  • Pecking order deepness: 1,000.

We complied with these constraints to adapt to connectivity roadmap.

SAP BW4/HANA as Business Analytical Repository

To streamline connection, BW4/HANA has been selected as the major analytics repository since BW4/HANA can gather and connect to any data, in real-time. It is a next-generation data warehouse developed totally on SAP progressed in-memory HANA platform. It supplies enhanced data modeling as well as administration, Service contents, high-performance option advancement, a modern user experience (UX), and extraordinary adaptability. It leverages a huge quantity of data– SAP application information, third-party information, disorganized data, geospatial data, Hadoop data, and more– life and at the moment. It can be attached by SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, Live, or in Data Procurement.

Such a central configuration dramatically streamlines total connectivity as well as likewise enables far better data lifecycle monitoring. It also simplifies decommissioning of BW on HANA and Netezza in mid-term point of view.

Best Practices and Feedback From Experiences.

  • Consider connectivity as a project of its own right as soon as your landscape is large and facility. In such a context, it is not a one-man-project.
  • Read documentation and prerequisites initially. SAP provides exhaustive and up-to-date documents, standards, wiki, and blog sites.
  • Early include your third-party service providers in the project. We need liable stakeholders from their organization to allow data source accessibility, setups, security, and network connectivity.
  • Organize enablement workshops to learn more about Analytics functionalities and technologies. Do not hesitate to ask SAP to offer such an educational workshop.
  • Meticulously inspect roadmaps, supported platforms, and deployments. Confirm if your landscape needs upgrades before starting any type of settings. Do not be quit as a result of a spot level.
  • Organize your project around a SWAT Team composed of network, protection, data source, analytics, and design abilities. Organize a regular project steering with the executive sponsor (ie. CIO). Specify a RACI matrix with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Put Governance in a position to handle network addresses, naming, hostnames, online hostnames, logins and also passwords, and so on. The task can be slowed down as a result of the absence of understanding of the setups executed. It is essential to share knowledge while appreciating the fundamental rules of security. Determine several admin profiles and utilize delegation features.
  • Style an in-depth target style as well as share it with task stakeholders. Arrange a workshop to evangelize, promote, and also explain it.
  • Advertise straight real-time link (CORS) as the best selection to simplify data lifecycle administration and protection.
  • Deploy SAML2 Single Sign-on on all applications to simplify security management.
  • Advertise the HANA platform (BW4/HANA) and particularly computation views to develop your query in the back-end for huge datasets.
  • Do not under-estimate time to establish a network and security in your landscape. The various security compliances to be respected can end up being barriers to your tasks. Ensure you completely respect them. SAP Analytics options have been created with the most effective and most tested security technology.


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