QTP TrainingFunctional Testing Tool – QTP has the key feature that can store screenshot of each and every page that has been navigated during the execution. So we can use this as a proof for completing testing process. The accuracy of the report is ensured by writing the Test report automatically to a customized report page. It shall also improve the look and feel of the report.

Advantages of Using QTP

  1. The script creation is user friendly and it requires less effort in creating the script.
  2. The needs of technical and non-technical users are met.
  3. Automation scripts are executed within the given period of time using the crone job or task scheduler.
  4. The inbuilt functionalities by easy configuration.
  5. Object identification for process and mechanism.
  6. Test management tools can be easily integrated with QC tools.

Disadvantages of QTP

In the current economic crisis, software companies are planning for efficient productivity and cost reduction. QTP is losing the market because of the following limitations:

  1. It runs only in Windows environments.
  2. It cannot be tested with all types of versions and browser types.
  3. It is limited to small testing teams.
  4. It incurs high cost and licensing.
  5. Slow execution as compared with other open source tools

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Selenium: – Selenium can be used to create an automated suite for web application.

Advantages of Using Selenium:-

  1. Simple document object model (DOM) level testing can be used for integration with agile project.
  2. It has a great flexibility and extensibility with the help of available proprietary tools.
  3. It supports multiple browsers.
  4. It also wires Object Oriented Programming.

Disadvantages of Selenium: –

  1. Only browser based applications are supported but not the windows application.
  2. Files cannot be uploaded from local machines.
  3. Partial support of dialog boxes.
  4. Selenium has no technical support because it’s open source.

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