Python Jobs, Average Salary for Python Skills in IT

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Python Jobs, Average Salary for Python Skills in IT

It is a well-known fact that Python is an extensively used high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. Though named after the British comedy ‘Monty Python’, the popularity of Python as a programming language is no laughing matter. Even though you don’t hear much about it, numerous organizations have been using Python to perform vital tasks for a very long time. This mainly due to the fact that these organizations do not want to disclose their success secrets to the world. Python is still dominantly used as it does make a huge difference to the organization’s efficiency.

Python offers numerous choices when it comes to frameworks, micro-frameworks, content management etc. This along with the features like a standard library that supports various internet protocols, and the varied libraries in the Package Index.

There might be many programming languages in your toolbox, but it only makes sense to you the one that best suits the scenario or the task. Python is widely used in scientific and numeric computing and is considered to be an excellent language for both at the preliminary level as well as advanced programming.

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Countless developers are using Python to build efficient tools, games, and desktop apps, so there is no doubt about the demand for it.

There are many factors that determine how good a skill is in terms of career; one of them is popularity. Let’s see how popular Python really is.


According to a survey done by CodeEval, an exclusive community of over 69,000 competitive developers, Python ranked #1 and was given the title ‘Most Popular Coding Languages of 2016’.  It has retained the #1 ranking for five years in a row.

Tiobe, a Netherlands-based software quality assessment services provider, has a Programming Community Index which ranks the programming language based on their popularity and is updated every month. The rankings are calculated using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon and Bing. This index will give you a clear picture to know if the programming language for your choice of career is current and will further validate your career path.

From the below Programming Community Index, it is evident that Python has been performing consistently and shown great improvement over the past couple of years. It has moved up the rank, from the 7th position in 2012 to the 5th position in 2017.

 Python Rank - Top Ten programming language

The next one is from PYPL – Popularity of Programming Language Index. The PYPL Index is created by analyzing the frequency of searches made on language tutorials in Google. The higher the frequency, the higher the popularity. The PYPL Index can help you focus on the in-demand programming language.


RedMonk has also ranked Python in the fourth position. This was done based on the data analyzed from communities like GitHub and Stack Overflow, to name just a few.

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And finally (though not the last), the rankings by IEEE Spectrum. The IEEE Spectrum rankings combine data from 10 different sources like job postings, social media discussions, and open-source code production.

Spectrum Ranking for programming language

Here’s a consolidated list of the rankings of Python by different surveyors. One thing is clear – Python seems to be a hot programming language that is high in popularity and demand.

Python - hot programming language

Now that we know that Python is one of the popular programming languages, let’s look at their job trends

Job Trends:

 The job trends graph from Indeed only validates the fact that the popularity of this programming language correlates with the demand for this particular skill.

indeed-python Job Trends

Let’s compare Python with ‘Big Data’ which is another hot skill in high demand. Though the comparison is not right as we are not comparing ‘apples’ with ‘apples’ here. This is just to show how big, or should I say, how ‘hot’ the skill is.

Job Postings

Image source: indeed

From the above image, you can see that the demand for Python skills is on par with Big Data skill until recently and the current situation is that it is in much more demand than Big Data Skills.

The job trends from the other side of the continent, from ITJobsUK, also give positive indications about Python.


Image source: python-itjobsuk

Salary Trends:

According to Indeed, the average salary for professionals with Python skillset is 107,000 USD Figure

Salary Trend Per Annum

Image source: salary-indeed-python

Doing a basic comparison with other programming languages, it is clear that Python is still in the lead, showing a clear demand for this skill.

salary-compare for Programming language

The U.K job portal, ITJobsUK, also seems to paint a positive picture when it comes to Python salary trends, with an average salary of 55,000 GBP per annum.

Salary Trends

Image source: salary-itjobsuk 

Big Guns Are Hiring:

Python is making a huge difference in the way organizations work, making them a valuable addition to the organization as well as a hot skill for IT professionals to have. If the surging popularity, huge job trends and handsome remuneration were not convincing enough, here are some of the big guns that are looking for skilled Python professionals.

  • Coral: Relies heavily on Python Scripting.
  • D-Link: Creating multithreaded applications.
  • Eve-Online: Depends greatly on Python for both the client and server ends of the game.
  • The software used to make the compare climatological data is purely written in Python.
  • Honeywell: Uses Python to control a cooperative environment between applications used to generate documentation for the applications.
  • HP: Used for modifying the search engine to meet specific needs.
  • Philips: Uses Python for the sequencing language.

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According to Paul Jansen, Managing Director of Tiobe, Python is used increasingly more as a primary programming language in schools and universities. In addition, the index rankings give a pretty valuable insight on what the trends are in hiring demand. So, it’s never too late to start learning Python.

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