Importance of SAP SuccessFactors Hybrid Model in Optimizing HR Application Investment

Category: SAP SuccessFactors - EC & PMGM Posted:Oct 30, 2017 By: Ashley Morrison

Importance-of-SAP-SuccessFactors-Hybrid-Model-Traditional ERP implementation is being outmoded as enterprises are riding on technological advancements to implement a simpler and quicker approach accommodating growth in size, scope and quality.

HR transformation is not a new concept by a longshot. It refers to the reduction of HR operating costs, enhancing Employee Experience and adding authentic HR value to the whole Business as we know it. HR technology and the enablement of services play an important role in such a transformation.

Hybrid HR concept involves the building on existing legacy systems to provide enterprises with solutions that are Cloud-based and are suitable for the technology of tomorrow. This means innovation has to be brought in where needed and where possible, while still retaining high-functioning elements, and integrations past functionalities into the technology of tomorrow. This is where SuccessFactors stands out from the rest of the competition in the same domain, offering companies with a comprehensive view of their employees.

Since each enterprise has its own unique level of transformation readiness, SAP SuccessFactors has built its cloud architecture to enable organizations in selecting the required modules and implementing the same at their own pace.

Hybrid Model Advantage

Hybrid HR ConceptIntegration of Applications, Data, and Services

The possibilities of a hybrid cloud include bringing about streamlining and transparency that’s needed to view and link data and applications across various infrastructures everywhere.


Composition, and Management of Workloads

Cloud Services can be viewed as components that can be assembled and reassembled in cloud permitting enterprises to innovate and engage with their customers and clients at an accelerated pace.

 Portability of Data and Applications

A Hybrid environment enables developers to rapidly connect with the enterprise, compose services and data for the company along with detailed web and mobile applications. This enables companies to afford faster reaction times to constantly varying customer demands.

 Flexibility and Control

One surprising advantage of SuccessFactors not being customizable makes the system stable, maintainable and upgradable as well. For custom applications which use the HANA Cloud Platform to provide customers with the capability to make new applications that integrate and function seamlessly with SuccessFactors. Customers can easily adopt the need theme which can be accessed from the menu while also leveraging the data in the system.


SuccessFactors has been known to update its software every quarter, leading to updates four times annually. Most enterprises of medium and small scale find it really difficult to stay on top of all the features that come out from time to time and what would suit them best on an organizational level. So these smaller sized companies do smaller “re-implementations” of sorts once every few years to hash out all that is required for the company once for all, saving more frequent tech audits. Some other companies will pick out individual or groups of features which they will incorporate as and when it suits them. This is possible since features offered here to customers are mostly the opt-in type.

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Business Processes

Every enterprise in the market today which makes a difference to the world is bound to have understood its internal business processes on both technical and functional levels. Migrating services and infrastructure using a Hybrid Scenario will require thorough and in-depth understanding the process involved in important data transfer or process creation between two systems. In most cases, it is needed to filter what stays and what goes in terms of old system data. This is what keeps hybrid integration simple when implementing a full cloud HCM model. Since most modules can be retained and implemented in the new system depending on need.

Administration and Maintenance

A sure-fire advantage that companies stand to gain from is its administrative capabilities. Clients and customers will be able to maintain the complete system on their very own. This is because SuccessFactors hosts the software.


SuccessFactors as a platform is feature rich and functionality driven in the areas of recruiting, list and goal management along with performance and is also very User-friendly. The UX is substantially improved with subtle features making for a user centric application. It offers real-time insights which are actionable and are supported by in-depth analytics and built-in reporting. This empowers organizations to provide their managers with the ability to develop and retain the best-in- market talent, whilst also uncovering massive amounts of untapped potential to be harnessed.  HR teams across the world gain a lot from standardized tools, reduced errors and delays and an international record system that can be scaled to meet current company size. All of this will be protected by top ranking Clud Security protocols on the net.

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