How to start preparing for SAP HANA Certification

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Ever since its inception 5 years ago, SAP HANA has successfully become the epicenter of all tech talks. Anticipated as the finest technology invention of these times, HANA promises a lucrative stint at business reporting and thus calls for a plethora of opportunities for beginners as well as professional technical consultants.

Preparing for HANA certification can be cumbersome affair if not executed appropriately. Right from initial research to appearing for the exam, it is necessary to cover everything completely.    


Know what HANA is

Certification is an expensive affair and plunging at it with no clear objective could delve you into more confusion. It’s better to gain a high level understanding of what HANA is all about. What is so unique about this database approach, its career scope and scalability are some areas you should do your homework. Talk to a reliable SAP HANA course provider or an experienced HANA consultant. You’ll surely earn some valuable feeds.

Plan for prerequisites

Depending entirely upon the course and the certification preparation is a task half-done especially when you have some experience in SAP. Hands on working knowledge of BO, BW and ABAP could be useful. Check within your organization if you can have some opportunity for performing some real time developments upon these.
Beginners can reboot their basic SQL skills with clear focus on Relational databases.

Decide upon your expertise

Earlier a common SAP HANA certification C_HANAIMP_10 was hosted for Associate Consultants. Now, a diversification has 2 different certification exams – C_HANAIMP_1 for Application Consultants and C_HANATEC_1 FOR Technical Consultants. Based on prior experience, SAP Functional Consultants should opt for C_HANAINP_1.

Not just passing the cut-off!

SAP Certification exams usually focus more on in detailed conceptual ability. Mastering theoretical syllabus can help clear the exam but the ultimate objective is to utilize the opportunity with a long term vision. Hunt for an institute that lets you perform a real time full scale implementation project. This will nourish your skills and the overall problem solving ability.

The right institute

SAP HANA is a trending course and institutes of all scales try to capitalize it. Opt for an institute that offers complete training. Compare the syllabus from the SAP training shop and be aware if any gaps exist. Also, e-learning should be a preferred choice and a full scale project is must.  Check for the institute’s website and look for relevant blogs, whitepapers etc that reflect their expertise in the domain.

Appropriate planning and undying hard work can weave a substantial career in HANA. Don’t just join the flock and do your research for an effective plan. Gear up and act wisely, HANA is a promising way.

Stay tuned for more valuable insights.

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