How to prioritize test cases ?

Category: General Posted:Oct 19, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison


A test case is predefined requirements that are used to evaluate the proper functioning of an application .We have faced situations where we require numerous cases with very limited resources, so what do we do now? Which case to execute first? Hence for a successful execution of a job or process we need to learn the process of prioritization This is the most difficult and subjective area of testing. The process is analytic that calculates the risks, costs and values.

Testing is a crucial process and it involves efforts, costs and planning. In this article we shall learn the different criteria used to prioritize a test case.  This includes obtaining mission critical components from customers. Then define the complex features. After this identify the failure areas, areas with past history of problems, complex codes and areas of most frequent use. Then the areas of major functionality and new functionality is clearly defined. Hence these criteria are concerned while prioritizing a test case. Prioritizing test cases based on customer needs and expected risks can reduce the number of test cases involved. Hence it’s essential to write a test case effectively. Prioritizing a test case is important to identify the crucial factors for testing. As we cannot test everything of the project, the setting of priorities helps us to eliminate redundant factors of testing. Hence the project delivery can be done on time with the help of prioritizing. This leads to happy customer and helps the business grow.

The technique involves giving ranks to the factors based on their priority, like the most important area of risk is given a score of 5 and the least important is given 1. At ZaranTech LLC. We provide extensive training on how the test cases are prepared with the customer requirements and prioritizing of test cases from critical factors. To know more about the course you may visit our training blog  515-309-2098 or email [email protected]

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