How to get the most out of Workday Payroll Dashboard

Category: Workday Payroll Posted:May 27, 2021 By: Ashley Morrison
How to get the most out of Workday Payroll Dashboard

The future of workspace is bringing new obstacles for Human Capital Management(HCM) professionals, especially as the skill shortage is becoming a day-to-day reality. In the future, the people who are responsible people in your company– from CHROs to pay-roll professionals, will certainly need even more time to strategize, analyze, and innovate. With truly cutting-edge HCM technology, not only will employees have even more time, employee performance and engagement will increase.

Workday Payroll is created to help employees increase efficiencies, eliminate mistakes, and anticipate changes, specifically around compliance or tax-related matters– a competitive advantage in a fast-changing governing atmosphere. Workday Payroll not just conserves employees’ time, but perhaps it lowers, lowers questions to the payroll division, and also raises understanding around the complicated procedure of settlement.

Workday Pay-roll best practices

Our Workday experts at DXC recommend starting with the following simple actions to drive customer engagement and adoption to get  the most out of Workday Payroll dashboards.

Share–  and share often.

For employees involved in the daily job of payroll (or any HCM job), new technology needs that management does their due persistence in communicating the change. However, we’re all pounded with hundreds of messages daily; so this requires creating messaging that has significance:

Empathize with the difficulties of change (even favorable modification is stressful!).

Make it personal: Share how Workday Payroll dashboards will benefit both employees and administrators in day-to-day work. For example, instruct employees how to easily contrast pay periods and make updates, such as tax elections, from one place.

Show payroll partners and managers how the dashboard provides immediate visibility into the status of each payroll, retro distinctions to be paid, and employees impacted by regulatory changes (such as tax prices).

Follow-up with non-users.

It’s easy: Ask employees that aren’t using Workday Payroll dashboards why they aren’t. Engage employees by providing more training, making it possible for one-on-ones with power users, providing workers extra time to learn about the dashboards, and/or scheduling regular check-ins to address inquiries and provide motivation.

Invite existing users to share why they enjoy Workday Pay-roll dashboards.

Ask employees who are making use of Workday Payroll dashboards what they enjoy about it. And then ask them to share this with their peers. Happy customers are the best advocates for new technology. Product evangelists– your employees who love payroll dashboards– can greatly influence others to get on board.

Ensure updates go smoothly.

Build a repeatable test plan for updates and constantly communicate any type of upcoming changes to Workday Pay-roll dashboard beforehand. If you need help, specialists can help you develop a strong testing strategy that is both repeatable and not overly straining on resources.

Plan ahead– and connect regularly– about big occasions, such as audits.

One of the advantages of Workday Payroll dashboards is that they enable individuals to begin the audit procedure early. Aid employees understand that auditing early and often, using the tools in payroll dashboards, can make the end of the year less stressful– and minimize the need for overtime around the holidays.

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Creating a favorable, appealing customer experience is the primary step to getting the most out of Workday Payroll.

It’s necessary for the employees working in day-to-day payroll job need to know Workday Pay-roll dashboard help them directly do their tasks better. Organizations can drive higher adoption and involvement by proactively sharing the employee-centric benefits of payroll dashboards, urging existing customers to promote for the technology, and making it less complicated for non-users to become engaged users.


We wish these suggestions help you in availing of a major share of benefits from the Workday Payroll dashboard. If you think of any other factors we must go over, please use the comments section below to share your opinion.

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