Hadoop for Big Data: Data processing that changed the game

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After decades of innovations in simplifying our lives, computing hasn’t lost its value and stays an integral source for eliminating complexities. While Data Analytics has been instrumental in smarter perception, processing large volumes of data asked for better approach. This is where Big Data and the subsequent techniques to utilize it come into picture.

What are Big Data and Hadoop?

With digitalization, accessing and creating new data is just a few taps away. Millions of handheld devices are generating trillions of data bytes through social media platforms, CRM systems and other interfaces. Such massive data to capture has been defined as Big Data.

The valuable information retrieved after processing Big Data helps corporates take a huge leap at traditional practices of assuming outcomes. Here the information is closer to accuracy and lets them take critical business decisions.

Hadoop is an expandable operating system with powerful capacity to store and process large data sets in real time. Licensed by Apache, Hadoop is open source and can be exclusively put to use as per an organization’s business needs. The OS gained instant preference for its superlative fetching, mapping and distributing techniques, something missing from traditional RDBMS practices.

While the Traditional approach v Hadoop debate has a lot to define, some significant derivations made are –
Fault tolerant
Hadoop creates copies of data sets before sending to an individual node. In a failure event, the copy can be used instantly as back up. The facility makes Hadoop suitable for indefinite data growth. Traditional databases are highly risky to process large volumes.

Faster Mapping
Hadoop efficiently maps data quickly in a cluster of nodes.  Such stupendous is the effect that it can process terabytes of unstructured data in a few minutes. Don’t even think of traditional techniques doing that!

Highly Scalable
The rise of multiple sources producing real time data every minute encouraged the Hadoop idea. Hadoop lets enterprises access new data sources such as social media platforms and indulge them into processing without any hassle. Thus, accurate and quick business derivations are conceived.

Cost effective
Businesses have confirmed drastic cost reductions with Hadoop replacing traditional RDBMS systems. It supports automatic classification and the ability to store raw data of potential significance in the future. Thus, Ten thousands of pounds v hundreds of pounds is a revolutionary cost advantage from Hadoop.

Hadoop for Big Data as career

With companies aiming high to tap more geography, data is expected to grow with exploding velocity. While Big Data shouldn’t be ignored, the traditional approach v Hadoop comparisons have already hailed the latter as the winner. Directly indicating the tremendous demand for more Big Data consultants, candidates of this age could benefit from a lucrative career choice.

All excited for a career in Big Data?
Look out for an institute backed by proven expertise with Big Data concepts and an attested placement record. Before plunging, a quick high-level view of what are Big Data and Hadoop can help nourish the basics and set the right expectations.
Check for the most reputed ones and choose wisely.

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