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SaaS has vanquished ERP in a plethora of ways, not the least of which is the capability to deliver consistent updates and upgrades that will benefit the client without the utter discomfort of complete system rip out and reinstallation. Every Workday customer is on the same version, which permits access to innovation across the board. It also means every customer gets on the same schedule for the most recent Workday upgrade.

How Customers Help Determine Workday Enhancements

Community is a place where Workday customers and Workday partners integrated, share ideas and get help. It’s also a place where Workday is keen to listen. Clients use Brainstorms to pitch ideas for features, functionality and Workday enhancements. Various customers can elect their favourites up in hopes they will be developed and become the part of the next feature release. It’s an incredible process to view unravel, as clients change the HCM, Payroll and Financial Management suite of applications.

The much-anticipated, feature-rich Workday updates come twice a year in March and September. We recently talked about the importance of keeping updated with Workday improvements by making certain you’ve got a release management program. If you have not made the most of what Workday 28 has to provide, you’ll want to be sure you have got to speed 

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Workday Prism Analytics marries BI performance with business application capabilities, bringing together the speed of idea, self-service, real-time collaboration with reliable data that is contextual and actionable, and easily distributed. Perhaps most importantly, the functionality is flexibly regulated. It consists of Workday and non-Workday data to support the decision pipeline reports, scorecards, and dashboards. Clients will have the ability to address cross-enterprise and strategic financing questions; better understand long-term trends; give leadership with a complete picture of workforce data; amass rich insights from Workday and various other acquisitions; talent, engagement, and payroll solution, and straighten people, financial and functional details to maximize efficiency and drive planning.


Workday customers wanted a simplified UI that gave better visual cues and more configuration options. It’s something that’s coming with Workday 29 and the Configure Optional Field task. Users will be able to configure which optional fields to hide or require my task, including initiating action, review, approve, correct and view the event. This performance is optional and is designed to benefit clients by eliminating confusion and making sure information is complete so that downstream systems aren’t affected by missing information.


Enhancement of current functionality in Workday 28, clients can opt into the Guided Tours enhancement in Workday 29. Guided Tours provides field-level help text to guide customers through processes and help them reduce the overhead connected with sustaining Workday end-users. The configuration is available for Accounting Adjustments, Create Payroll Accounting Adjustments, Costing Allocation, Payment Elections, Probation and Prospects Task.


Previous Workday versions needed customers to navigate away from the candidate list and to inbox tasks when taking action on products in the Awaiting Action field. Workday 29 includes a new Awaiting Me field that permits users to easily determine when there is an action to take, and clicking on the advanced field will directly open action items. Fewer clicks, simple task location and better customer experience through boosted recruitment operations are a few of the advantages related to the new candidate Listing Inbox Access.

Upgrading from Workday 28 to Workday 29

Needs extra help going from Workday 28 to Workday 29? A Workday AMS Partner with deep domain expertise can aid companies that desire or require assistance around new features and functionalities. It additionally helps to have an excellent governance model in place, providing structure and checks and balances when it’s time to review the new Workday enhancements.


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