Financial Accounting with SAP FICO

Category: SAP FICO Posted:Nov 04, 2014 By: Ashley Morrison

Financial Accounting with SAP FICOFinancial Accounting is the core area of SAP ERP. This deals with reporting the financial transactions regarding the business as per the external requirement. Financial Accounting is integrated with SAP to provide comprehensive functions for a business. Let’s see what these sub modules are which help in deciding the financial status of an organisation:

General Ledger: It is the book of transactions in which one may record the daily financial transactions. This acts as a picture for the external accounting entity.

  1. Accounts Payable: It records monetary data for all the vendors.
  2. Accounts Receivable: It records monetary data for all the customers.
  3. Bank Accounting: It involves management of the data of the bank through cash management, master data management and creating and processing incoming and outgoing payments. You may also define various country specific payments like data media, payment forms and procedures for electronic and manual payment.
  4. Asset Accounting: It is widely used to manage fixed assets.
  5. Fund Management: It helps to support budget. It budgets all the expenditures and the revenues for individual areas.
  6. Travel Management: This involves management and handling of all the trips. The main areas are payment and taxation. This also includes booking of the trips and settling travel expenses.
  7. Special Purpose Ledger: is used in special reporting areas and purposes.

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