Core themes for QA to focus on digital transformation

Category: Quality Assurance Posted:Jun 28, 2015 By: Alvera Anto

Core-themes-for-QA-to-focus-on-digital-transformationIn today’s quality-driven environment, QA & Testing is essential in digital transformation. These are some themes to focus on:

Key theme 1: Customer Experience

During the period of digital transformation, one must make a decision based on customer experience and customer journey. The efforts must enhance the digital customer experience. This will ensure high-quality products and services. As a result, it shall create confidence in the business.

Key theme 2: Cyber Security

As an integral part of Digital Transformation, the business is vulnerable to cybercriminals. Hence one must protect the assets and resources crucial in digital transformation. Defining the risks can help to ensure protective measures for unacceptable risks. In this way, we can have system security.

Key theme 3: Omni-channel

The main goal for an organization is to ensure a consistent experience for the channels of interaction. The physical and digital channel provides the customer with a connected set of features. Hence the organization must focus on functional testing across these channels. This type of testing is either done on multiple devices or multiple platforms.

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Key theme 4: Digital Assurance Platform

For the critical role during the digital transformation, one must have a comprehensive Digital assurance platform. It helps to provide a set of re-usable assets and improve the efficiency of the testing process. These practices help in early defect detection so that the defects are reduced and costs are reduced. These are some characteristics that the platform must have:

  • Provide Lean methodologies to identify mitigate and reduce defects.
  • Provide new test methodologies that will help in transforming the role of QA in the organizations and create an excellent quality service.
  • It must deliver industry specific solutions and methods to improve the business confidence.
  • Provide test automation tools for the value chain.

These are the key themes, which an organization must focus to fulfill its role in digital transformation journey. 

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