Choosing the Right Elicitation Technique in a given Situation

Category: Business Analysis Posted:Apr 24, 2020 By: Alvera Anto
Choosing the Right Elicitation Technique in a given Situation

This Business Analyst Interview question is tied in with Selecting the right Elicitation Technique in a given Scenario. The question format would be as per the following: 

You are acquired to develop a software program system involving multiple departments of an organization. The number of departments involved in this project is around 15. How will you set about intending the requirements elicitation, considering the project is being executed utilizing the waterfalls technique?

Question: This is a scenario-based question and is posed to check your comprehension of different elicitation techniques and your capacity to decide which one is reasonable for a given circumstance. 


In this circumstance, different departments are included and every division will have at least one stakeholder. To elicit requirements for the whole project will require a ton of time. That is a very time-productive exercise. 

What would we be able to do to turn out to be more efficient? 

Obviously, having a 25 participant team to perform the elicitation will be an expensive exercise considering traveling and logistics expenses.

So, what else would we be able to do? In one of my projects, I faced the same circumstance. I might want to share what we did in that specific case. 

strategy helped us

In this situation, We made a small team by picking members from the department itself (who were IT empowered and understood the process). Each team was driven by a process champion. Every department team was made answerable for connecting with other members of the team to gather requirements and document it. Obviously, we directed a small session to assist them with understanding the conventional documentation. 

When the process champions finished their work, our team (of Business Analysts and process analysts ) sat with the process champions and their particular team for knowledge transfer and review. 

This strategy helped us spare a lot of time. The critical success factor for this methodology are: 

  • Ensure that procedure champions understand the software development process and business processes.
  • Ensure that formal documentation format is finalized well in advance and spoke with every one of the team.
  • The knowledge transfer and review meetings directed at regular intervals to guarantee better proficiency 

Along these lines, this is the way you can respond to this question. Selecting the correct Elicitation Technique in a given Scenario.


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