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Data Science has become one of the sizzling topics in the IT industry. Nowadays, every type of occupation includes working with data and thus requires an experienced data scientist who can analyze the data, understand it and find the possible solutions. A data scientist is an analyst who is responsible for examining data, predict it and calculate the probable outcomes of the business by observing at streams of data. Due to the rise in data, the demand for high skilled Data Scientists is also increased.  Most of the candidates are looking for a career in Data science and thus requires proper training.

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Nowadays, Data Science training is provided almost everywhere. We are offering a master program in Data Science which helps you to become an expert in tools and methodologies used by Data science professionals. Our master program includes training on various modules such as Big Data, Data Wrangling, statistics, Python programming, Data analysis and Visualization, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. At the end of the Data Science master’s program, the trainee will be doing a capstone project which is a concluding project that combines all the learning of the master’s program. This will help you to comprehend a business case and provide a solution for solving all the problem statements stated in the project.

Data science master program

We provide role-based training rather than product based training. At ZaranTech the essential values lie in developing professionals who are well familiar with the working knowledge of the subject. The master program is created mainly by focusing on developing industry based professionals. We work in combination with specific scientific methods to provide excellent services to the students. We offer high-quality facilities to make a long-term relationship with our valuable trainees.

Our Data Science master’s program is different from others. Let us have a look at the below points which make us distinct:

1. We provide longer course durations. With the help of our assignments, quiz, and guides, the students can achieve the best learning experience.

2. We offer role-based training in place of product-based training for e-learning solutions. We concentrate on developing curriculum on the real-time scenarios.

3. We offer training blogs using Google Site which enables students to access the assignments and clear their doubts from the trainers. Using training blogs the students can attend the session anytime and anywhere.

4. We provide study materials using Google drive so that students can access the repository of material for the lifetime.

5. We record every training session and post the same on the video blog so that students can never miss a session and access the videos anytime and anywhere.

6. We have highly qualified and well-experienced trainers in their respective fields.

7. We assign the case studies and the assignments for the students based on real-time scenarios.

8. After the completion of training, we provide certification assistance for our trainees. We provide in-depth analysis for the examination.

9. Also, we help you in understanding your dreams and also assist you in accomplishing the same through our career counseling sessions.

10. We offer placement assistance. After completion of training we help students to prepare for the interview and resume.

11. We provide 24×7 online supports to help with technical queries which student may have during the course.

Why become a Data Scientist?


Source: www.forbes.com

Due to the increase in data-driven decision making, the job of data scientist has become a new trend all through the world. Every company irrespective of its size is looking for candidates who can comprehend and analyze the data. The data scientist can carry skill sets and knowledge from different backgrounds like mathematics, analytics, statistics, etc. With the help of these skills, they are able to find the patterns which in turn assist the organization to recognize new market opportunities. Here are the top five reasons to become a data scientist:

  1. There is a growing demand for a Data Scientist.
  2. Data science job provide high ranging salary. The average salary for a Data scientist is around INR 6,50,000 in India and it is $1, 20,931 in the United States.
  3. Data science adds value to the business.
  4. Data science is an emerging field due to the growing demand of data all around the world.
  5. With the help of Data science, it is easy to acquire a job.

Reasons to go for Data Science Master’s Program: As big Data has been one of the sizzling topics in technology, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists. Most of the universities are providing specialized Data Science Master’s program. Due to the following reasons one should go with the Data science master’s program.

  • Data Science is an exciting field: Data has been called as one of the important parts of the digital economy due to its enormous potential. Data analyses allow new generations of technical solutions, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are the examples where many modifications are already happening. But in other fields, advanced statistics drive new enhancements. For example, data on user behavior and predictive analytics assist businesses in enhancing the user interface of their software products and comprehensive performance analyses help firms to track the return-on-investment i.e. ROI of their marketing operations.
  • There are various career opportunities: Data and information have become essential properties in an extensive range of industries. With the growth of computing power and digital storage, there are many new opportunities in this particular field. But these new enhancements are not limited to technological industries. Data is essential in all organizations, and at all levels. Data professionals are not only required in IT and software companies, but they are also needed in almost all the sectors such as banking and finance, automotive, energy, healthcare, transport, retail, etc. Well, a data scientist is a multi-talented expert who can observe big picture, while also being programmers, statisticians, and good data storytellers. Data scientists are engaged in building data items and programming platforms together with creating representations and machine learning calculations. However, in the data science group, there are candidates with different job roles and they are contributing in several ways. The common job roles in Data science are:
    • Big Data Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • Data Architect
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Visualization expert
    • Business Intelligence Architect
    • Analytics Engineer
    • Analytics Manager
    • Statistician
  • The job prospects are unbelievable: There is a huge demand for Data Scientists and companies are not able to find sufficient candidates to fill their openings. Thus, the universities have been increasing the number of masters in Data engineering and data analytics to address the demand. As potential companies are fighting for the right candidates, university graduates are now in a contented position and can demand for a high range of salaries. With the help of a postgraduate degree, the chances of getting a data science job will be double.

Learn Data Science from Industry Experts

Conclusion: Data science is an emerging field which serves businesses to identify their markets and making better decisions. It also assists organizations to become closer to their clients so that they can provide them with effective services. Data Scientists are responsible for collecting, cleaning and organizing the data with their persuasive skills. The candidate who wants to become a Data Scientist has to work very hard and provide better business outcomes. ZaranTech’s Data Science master’s program will help the candidate to master skills and learn various tools used in Data Science. The training also includes a capstone project which combines all the learning of the master’s program.

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