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If you are a long-term ServiceNow customer, you may already be acquainted with the ServiceNow upgrade release cycle. They release an upgrade approximately every 6 months, each of which consists of enhancements to existing modules, bug or problem fixes, and new features. On a regular basis upgrading your ServiceNow instance at least annually is an excellent method to stay on top of these features and fixes. We have compiled a list of tips and best practices to help your business with its ServiceNow upgrade.                     

Reasons to Upgrade

ServiceNow New Version releases can mean new features for your users, improvements to your present modules, as well as opportunities to boost efficiency. There are numerous reasons to keep up with ServiceNow upgrades, including:

  • Upgrades consist of ServiceNow license costs, suggesting there is no additional cost related to upgrading.
  • Examining the regular basis and its current circumstances as well as identifying new features to implement.
  • Upgrades include fixes for bugs and also issues identified in previous versions.
  • Your business can make use of continued ServiceNow support. Support runs out for older versions after regarding 12-18 months, so there might not be fixes offered for bugs in older versions.

When to Upgrade?

When is the right time to take on an upgrade? Should you request it immediately or wait a few weeks? As with all software applications, ServiceNow Software has a bug and defects. Within an initial few weeks of an upgrade, they will release a service pack to correct very early user-reported issues as well as a second pack a couple of weeks afterward. Take into consideration waiting for the very first or second service pack to reduce the chances of encountering the early bugs or issues. When is the right away in a few weeks?

Preparing for an Upgrade

The initial step in getting ready for a ServiceNow upgrade is to completely comprehend the way the platform will change and exactly how it will influence your business. There are a few methods you can do this, and it is recommended to do each of them to make sure you are not overlooking any information that may affect you.

  • Review the ServiceNow Release Notes

Review of the ServiceNow Release Notes to ensure you know what will be altering. There may be upgrades to functions you do not currently make use of, yet they also may be new functions that your business will intend to roll out to customers.

  • Run a ServiceNow ACE Report

An ACE report gives details about possible issues within specific circumstances. This report will certainly help you to see where your business has actually customized a location or not complied with ServiceNow’s Best Practices. An upgrade may remove customizations or cause concerns that you will need to attend to before rolling it bent on customers.

  • Recognize UI Changes as well as Training Needs

If the upgrade significantly transforms the user interface, you might need to consider training the team as well as users. ServiceNow allows you to remain on an old UI also after going through an upgrade. You can pick to roll out the new User Interface (UI) at a later day as well as provide training then.

  • Finish Implementing New Functions and Pause Development Work

Any kind of operation in development will be removed after an upgrade, so you want to make sure to finish implementing any completed work. This will also assist you to focus on the upgrade itself, making sure that anything problems relate to the upgrade itself and not something else presented to your ServiceNow environment.

  • Communicate with Users Before, During, and After

Even if you think the upgrade will be undetectable to your customers, it is essential to communicate with them concerning any adjustments or downtimes. If you believe customers will certainly require training complying with the upgrade, make sure to connect this as very early as possible.

  • Ask For a Production Back Up

Ask for a unique back up before implementing an upgrade to lower possible data loss. When you use an upgrade, you can not reverse it; if you encounter a problem, you would need to restore the system from a previous backup. Because of this, you need to ask for one right before upgrading.

During the Upgrade

During a ServiceNow upgrade, you will wish to focus on 3 of your environments: development, test, and production. These are a few points to keep in mind while performing your upgrade to make sure the best outcomes for your customers.

  • Development Environment

When you ask for the upgrade from ServiceNow and apply it, ensure you will certainly disable any type of features you do not plan to use. This includes any new features your company has made a decision not to implement. Perform some standard testing to confirm that core functions are working properly and develop fixes if required.

  • Test Environment

Testing can protect against problems on the customer side as well as aid your business practice migration. It is considered a best practice to include customers in your testing stage, as there might be features they utilize that are essential to their work that might not have moved with the upgrade.

  • Production Environment

When you have thoroughly tested the upgrade, bring it right into production and validate it before rolling it out to users. Be sure to connect to users about training, changes, and anything identified throughout the test phase.

Requesting Assistance with an Upgrade

Upgrading, executing, and maintaining the ServiceNow Platform requires consistent preparation; with a qualified ServiceNow technology companion, your company will have assistance in creating a roadmap of services to find the very best fit for you. Whether your business makes a decision to implement a new function or develop customization around existing features, technology companions can help. Some companies provide services to develop custom applications for your company, managing the whole lifecycle from creation to release.

Comply with these tips and best techniques to guarantee your ServiceNow upgrade transition goes smoothly. Ensure you are well planned for the upgrade, completely comprehend its modifications, and are communicating with customers. With simply a bit of prep work, your company can with confidence update its ServiceNow circumstances and proceed optimizing efficiency, adopting much better service management practices, and also improve services.


 ServiceNow upgrade is to completely comprehend the way the platform will change and exactly how it will influence your business. ServiceNow Release Notes to ensure you know what will be altering. There may be upgrades to functions you do not currently make use of, yet they also may be new functions that your business will intend to roll out to customers.

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