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The current business marketplace is a data-driven environment. Data is one of the essential aspects of every industry as it helps business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers. Due to this growing extent of data, there is vital requirement for techniques to obtain valuable insight on it and thus at the same time, there is an urgent requirement for talented professionals with adequate data science skills. There is a huge career opportunity available in the field of data science. Most of the candidates are looking for a lucrative career in this particular domain. Therefore, data science training is important for the fresher and for the professionals who are looking for a Data scientist career. In order to examine and manage a huge set of data through cutting edge open source tools and complicated data analysis algorithms, it is required for the candidates to get adequately trained in Data Science. Nowadays there is adequate detail available which clearly shows that there is a scarcity of talent to fill the requirements of data science professionals.  According to a report from the TDWI research, it is found that around 46% of industries mention insufficient employees and skills for Big Data analytics. A complete Data Science training will help the candidates to enhance their skills and bridge the talent gaps, and also it will help them to speed up their career. There are various advantages of Data science Training. Are you eager to know these advantages? So, let’s explore the benefits of data science training.

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1. Data Science Training provides an improved career path to the candidates:  Data Science training helps the candidates to enhance their career path. We know that the requirement for Data science professionals is increasing day by day in almost all the prominent industries. A data scientist is not only required in the leading sectors but also in the top most locations of the world. Data Science jobs are offered by most of the prominent business locations all over the world. The candidate can get the job in Data Science by obtaining data science proficiency, skills, and technology provided by Data science training.

2. With the help of Data Science Training you can get the certifications related to the demanding Big Data technologies: Data Science training helps you to prepare yourself for the increasing demand for Big Data skills and technology. Data Science training empowers professionals with data management technologies such as Hadoop, Flume, Machine learning, etc. If a candidate has the knowledge and proficiency of these significant data skills, it would be an added advantage for them to have an improved and competitive career. Once a candidate becomes an expert in Big Data and Data Science technologies, it is easy for them to get the top Data Science job Titles that offer a high range of salary.

3. Data Science Training enables you to get the highest paying Data Science job title with Big Data skills and expertise: Well, there are various job titles created by Big data and Data Science technologies which pay attractive salaries as compared to other IT jobs. These two technologies are not limited only in the Information technology field, but both of them are utilized across all the prominent industries today. Therefore, a certified Data Science professional can have unlimited job opportunities in every field. Well, let’s check out some of the job titles for Data Scientist. Data Scientist is a multi-talented expert, who can view the big picture, while also being programmers, statisticians, and a good data story teller. A data scientist is not only responsible for examining the data, but they are also engaged with building data items and programming stages, along with creating representations and Machine Learning calculations. In a Data Science group, there are individuals with various job roles, and they all contribute in several ways. Well, some of the noticeable Data Scientist Job Titles are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data/Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager

Below figure shows the different job roles and their salaries that can be achieved by pursuing a Data Science training.

data scientist various job roles


4. With the help of Data science training, a candidate can get recruited in the Top fortune companies: Nowadays, a lot of companies are hiring Data Science professionals. Few of the top companies are Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple. With the help of Data Science training, a candidate can get the expertise and skill which they can include in their resume which is a label to enter to these top Fortune companies. If a candidate wants to get hired by these companies, he or she should get the appropriate Data Science Training.

5. Data Science Training makes eligible you to engage in the new positions: Most of the employers are adopting Big Data and analytics technologies which will get double by the year 2019. Thus, employment of big data and data science professionals is going to hit the highest point by the year 2019. Data science training provides you with the required knowledge, skills, technology, and expertise which help you to make a successful career field that has a great number of job vacancies. Big Data and Data Science is a vast field which will not going to fade in the future. Thus it is expected that a career built in Data science will be for the long-run.

6. Data Science training is provided by the industry experts, not by PhD scientist: Once you have decided to go with Data Science training, the next question is from whom should you get training? Is it from a PhD holder who does not have any experience on a real professional project but has published their work, or an instructor who has the expertise in a real-life professional project? Well, it is good to have an instructor who has the precious industry experience in the related field. It may be difficult to find these people, but it is great to study under them. They can teach you with the context to the job experience in a real-life situation which most of the candidates are required the most.

7. Individual Attention: Well, in a college it is difficult for the students to get personal attention. But in Data Science programs, every student is able to receive individual attention according to their requirements. Every individual is different and will have their own understanding of the projects. This is the most significant benefit of Data Science training that they can get the proper attention from the expert when the batch size is less than 30.

The advantage of being a Data Scientist: Once a candidate receives Data Science training from a reputed institute they can get a job as a Data Scientist in any of the industry. There are some of the advantages of being a Data Scientist as well, let’s explore them:

1. Data Scientist job is one of the sizzling position of the 21st century. Most of the old industries that work in data field have replaced their job log titles with Data Scientist. Big companies such as finance, statistics, and operational research are interested more in Data science nowadays.

2. As a data scientist, you are able to work with big recognized firms such as Amazon, Apple, etc. For instance, in Amazon Data Science is used to wholesale their product by referring them to customers.

3. As a data scientist, you can also get the freedom to work. In Data science, you are not limited to work for a specific industry. One of the best advantages of being a data scientist is that you can work with various technologies which mean that you are a part of something which carries a great perspective. As a Data scientist, you are free to work on any project as per your interest.

4. A Data Scientist can receive the best salary as compared to other job profiles. The average salary of a data scientist in the US is around $120,000. According to a report, the data scientist job is at the top position among the top 25 best jobs.

5. Data Science jobs are very demanding and a data scientist can select any career path such as project management, security, system architecture, etc.

6. Data science is a safe career to pursue. Most of the new technologies come and go, thus people think that everything which shines in the technical world will vanish. But this is not the case with Data Science. IT is true that some of the areas of data science will get automated but the field of data science will grow, and the demand for data scientist will continue to increase.

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Conclusion: Nowadays there are various certifications and educational institutions which are offering training programs to train professionals who wish to become an expert in the Data science field. These institutes have created special Data Science training program to knock this sizzling job post in the IT world. Thus, a candidate who wishes to become a data scientist can get trained from a reputed training institute. Data Science is one of the hottest topics right now and it will remain the same in the upcoming years.

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