How to Become a Successful SAP HANA Consultant?

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 Become a sucessful SAP HANA consultant

The SAP HANA Consultant is one among the hottest profession to re-emerge in the current economy. SAP means Systems, Applications & Products in the Data Processing. It includes high demand for leading day-to-day business processes. It is a successful brand in the Information Technology market and product has a worldwide recognition. As similar to the SAP solutions, SAP certified specialists are in high demand. Now SAP consulting has become an inspiring market for those who want to set their career as a consultant. The main thing here is to discover the exact knowledge, balance of timing and strategy. The most important reason for the popularity of this field is the highest compensation it offers.

SAP as a Career

SAP provides courses in Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Product Life Cycle, Production, Material Management, Supply Chain, Business Applications, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship, Quality Management, Project Management, etc. In order to increase career opportunities with the SAP courses, it is essential to have the experience and knowledge in a particular domain. After attaining expertise and sound domain knowledge on any of the SAP courses, one can enjoy from countless job opportunities. Getting certification for SAP can offer the candidate a thorough knowledge with abilities to bridge the break between strategies planning and execution. Certification in SAP is one among the best career choices for those candidates who dreams to become a successful SAP HANA Consultant. There is no doubt that this profession offers the complete job satisfaction combined with a higher salary.

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As SAP functions in various areas, one can endeavor on any of the fields depending on their requirements as well as plan for career enhancement.

What are the types of SAP HANA Consultant?

  • Sales/Business Consultant – This Consultant focuses only on the winning the projects at clients end. Generally, the Consultant need not have much knowledge about the SAP.
  • Developer Consultant – This Consultant is responsible for developing Java/ABAP programs.
  • SAP Functional Consultant – This Consultant is responsible for personalizing SAP based on the customer demand. They work closely with developers to develop custom ABAP programs based on the client requirements.
  • SAP Basis Consultant – This Consultant support in installing, performance tuning and maintenance of SAP Databases and servers.

These are the important and most famous consulting roles present in SAP HANA projects. Based on the size and nature of the project, it is possible to come across other consulting roles including SAP Techno Functional Consultants, SAP Security Consultant etc.

SAP HANA Consultant tasks and Responsibilities

SAP HANA Consultant generally includes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • They are responsible for developing functional and technical knowledge to the project team members.
  • An SAP HANA Consultant is supposed to take over the Planning, Designing, Implementing as well as Maintaining the SAP-based solutions.
  • SAP HANA consultant also need to take part in the conclusions on the topics like Performance, Security, Product Shipment, Installation, etc.
  • They need to possess exact written and verbal communication skill; since, consultants are required to communicate with both technical and business stakeholders of the organization.

Minimum Education Qualification for an SAP HANA Consultant

If you want to lead your career as a successful SAP HANA Consultant, you have to possess the minimum educational qualification. Companies generally look for either a bachelor’s degree or a university degree, which is issued by recognized university. Keep in mind that minimum educational requirement varies from organization to organization. In addition, different countries have a different expectation on the educational qualification.

Certifications for acquiring skills in the field of SAP HANA

Academic qualification needed to grow into an SAP HANA Consultant:

  • Any UG course, like B.E,, etc.
  • Any PG course, like MBA, M.Tech, etc.

Topics Need to Learn to Become an SAP HANA Consultant

  • Basics of SAP HANA
  • Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Modeling of SAP HANA
  • Application Development of SAP HANA
  • Replication Techniques of SAP HANA
  • Basic Idea of SAP HANA Administration

How to Become A Successful SAP HANA Consultant?

Become an expert SAP HANA Consultant

Becoming an expert in the SAP HANA Consultant career cannot happen in overnight. It requires more dedication, commitment, effort, sacrifice, ability, and expertise to become a successful SAP HANA Consultant. If you want to stand different from some of the paper consultant who used a shortcut to becoming a SAP HANA Consultant, you should be ready to invest hard work, sacrifices, a large amount of flexibility and ready to accept new situations. This career is lucrative. Only the consultant who possesses real passion can be able to become the accepted consultant, remaining all become only employees working for a salary.

There are several numbers of qualities, which are needed to become a reputed SAP HANA Consultant. Here are some of the qualities:

  • Business Process Knowledge
  • Better Education
  • Good Configuration Skills
  • Team Playing
  • Communication Skills
  • Understanding Business Requirements
  • Reading Ability
  • Quality Documentation
  • Sharing Knowledge

Becoming a successful SAP HANA Consultant includes long process like learning important and new things on a regular basis and creating a fort of knowledge. As we all know, SAP continues to enhance with new technologies; hence, it is a challenging task for a consultant to keep that speed through their career. The Consultant should always be ready to learn novel things. A good SAP HANA Consultant should have the quality of learning. In addition, they should be ready to share the information, rather than hiding the knowledge in their head. If you share, your skill would be doubled.

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Essentials Tips to Become a Great SAP HANA Consultant

SAP HANA Certification Training

1. Planning

Planning is the stepping-stone towards achieving success. The SAP HANA Consultant is no exception. If you want to become a successful SAP professional, you are required to understand the challenges, scope and expectation prior stepping up with SAP.   There is no doubt that SAP is the hot job in the market. In addition to this reason, expertise, skills, time, interest and several other such reasons stands behind for preferring an SAP career. Planning before execution is very essential. After planning, preparation and getting an SAP certification are the next essential factors to consume it for the top.

2. Certification

Attaining certification in SAP is not compulsory, but it is wise to become certified. Particularly, if you do not include any experience in the required field, being certified makes you suitable than possessing no experience. Certification would bridge the gap between the candidate and the skills. It probably offers a better marketability. It influences largely in becoming a complete SAP HANA Consultant. Certification would support the trainee in their life long profession journey.

3. Aim Good Training

It is essential to attain a proper training from the reputed training center in order to gain foundational knowledge of SAP. Self-study is not enough for filling the loopholes in this field. Only real training programs can support you to aware entire prominence of the SAP. A wide range of SAP training programs is available across the world. You can select either the online SAP training programs or classroom training with a good trainer to increase your expertise. Several numbers of choices are available and it is based on your decision. Select the best option, which is appropriate for you.

4. Good Education

The great foundation for the knowledge-based profession is nothing but a strong education. Just pursuing an MBA or becoming graduate can’t be referred as a strong and good education. Try to involve yourself to hardest professional courses that will bring your knowledge levels to an unexpected and different range.  A good education doesn’t mean that passing in A-grade. It always comes from the talent of the individual. This is the spirit, which pushes you towards studying new subjects, skills, and technologies. Keep in mind that becoming a good Consultant would possible only if you have a strong feeling towards education and learning.

5. Commendable Communication Skills

The SAP HANA Consultant profession is in need to prepare for lots of presentation. A good communication skill is a paramount essential thing for better presentation. SAP Consultants are more prone to communicate with business users and clients. In case you are not excellent in communicating with business people, then you are not able to convey your ideas in a concise and clear manner. Good communication not only involves with the speaking sense, but also includes the confident manner of speech.

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6. Service MarketPlace

For SAP HANA Consultants, service marketplace is the best place. It seems surprising to aware that there are still several certified consultants who don’t aware how to log in and where to log in the great resource. Keep in mind that it is essential to possess the login credentials in order to access this resource. You can get this from the SAP Basis administrator. In case you’re already certified, then you can get the password from your SAP Education/Help Desk. This resource is not a kind of document. It includes everything. You need to refer a certain SAP Note; hence, without accessing to this, you couldn’t aware what that Note articulates. This is something more than referring notes at the time of raising Online SAP Support (OSS) notes for the customers.

7. Continuous Education

As mentioned above in the post, being updated with current SAP developments is essential to attain a great position in this corporate world. There are several numbers of ways you can follow to stay updated. You can subscribe famous SAP magazines, SAP newsletters and attend training programs to remain updated. Make sure that you are focusing on quality of knowledge, not the quantity.

8. Determine More Domains

It is advised to have expertise in more domains. It is not wise to be limited to a narrowed domain you have to explore your expertise and knowledge beyond your limits. In order to grow professionally, you have to increase your skills on application functionality. In addition, it is ideal to be expertise on how to optimize and implement the architecture. Hence, learning more domains is an important step towards the fruitful career.

9. Find The Right Strategy

Most people who desire toward SAP consulting create a main error from the beginning. Generally, they jump into the higher rate application of SAP by just knowing that SAP rates are excellent. However, they missed analyzing where the applications are going. It is essential to stay up-to-date on SAP’s direction via product overviews, webcasts and monitoring the industries. Having a look on the pulse of SAP industry is a key step in steps to plan the strategy. In addition to following where SAP is now, it is mandatory to imagine yourself meeting the further path of SAP. The attempt of intersecting further along with SAP, you will be challenged with more experienced consultants.

10. Build Your Network

If you want to succeed as a SAP HANA Consultant, it is vital to form a network and contact within your industry. Building strong network is mandatory to gain popularity, reference and increase your knowledge. This way can keep you informed with everything that is happening in your industry. Utilizing social networking websites, social media and discussion forums you can connect with the SAP experts. Keep in mind that, people prefer the professionals with practical knowledge than the theoretical knowledge.

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11. Get An Experience

If you possess domain knowledge and like to learn more about SAP practically, you could consider joining an Information Technology Consultancy company like Deloitte, IBM, Infosys etc. In addition, you can think through joining an enterprise that has implemented SAP. Some companies are interested in sponsoring their SAP supporters or trainees’ SAP certification as well as training. The main thing here is to discover such an organization and satisfy them to recruit you.

12. Provide Suggestion After Measuring And Weighing

An experienced SAP Consultant never provides answers or suggestions before evaluating the problems thoroughly. You should accept or reject the proposals in a straightforward manner. Make sure to accept the proposals only if you are sure about the outcome. It is vital that you should give your answer after careful evaluation. A reputed Consultant never feels shame in asking extra time to evaluate the job thoroughly. This mannerism is very commendable in the successful SAP Consultant.


These are few of the essential tips to keep a career as an SAP HANA Consultant. Hope, these qualities would support you achieve the desired result.

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