Azure vs Google Cloud: Key Factors Comparison

Category: Google Cloud Platform Posted:Oct 12, 2020 By: Ashley Morrison

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the leaders in the cloud computing market. If you are thinking about Azure or Google Cloud migration or changing service providers, it is necessary to understand what each platform is offering in terms of storage, computing capacities and pricing options. 

In this article, we’ll assess these 2 cloud services and compare their storage and computing services. 

  • In this write-up, you will find out: 
  • What is Azure?
  • What is Google Cloud Platform?
  • Azure vs Google Cloud: storage services
  • Azure vs Google Cloud: compute services
  • Azure vs Google Cloud: pricing

What Is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud solution. It is available in 54 geographical regions, with approximately 162 accessibility zones. It uses a robust Framework as a Service (IaaS) platform with powerful Platform as a Solution (PaaS) functionalities, especially for Windows applications.

Azure offers specialized services for big data and analytics, games and mobile application development, data warehousing, DevOps benefits like agile development pipelines, and more.

What Is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google’s public cloud service, is a fresher in the cloud solutions industry. As of 2019, it is provided in 20 geographical locations. However, GCP makes up for its limited reach with the benefits of Google’s exceptional scale. It leverages Google’s private fibre optic network which offers a blazing speed connection between its data centres.

Google Cloud also gives solid support for containers due to Google’s close link with Kubernetes. Lastly, it was developed with “customer-friendly prices”, which aims to be simpler and more understandable, and also lower, than comparable cloud services.

Azure vs Google Cloud: Storage Space Services

Here are the services Azure and Google Cloud Platform provide across the common cloud storage tiers.

Azure vs cloud storage space

Summary: Azure provides a well-rounded collection of storage space solutions and features, however, can have a high learning contour, especially for users without a background in Microsoft innovation. Google offers fewer attributes but excels in storage rates and the simplicity of its use.

Azure vs Google Cloud: Compute Providers

Here are the key solutions Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer for running VMs and containerized workloads in the cloud.

Summary: Google Cloud cannot compete with Azure’s big data center infrastructure, however, makes up for it with stronger support for container and Kubernetes use situations, and a seamless learning curve across all types of deployments. 

Azure vs Google Cloud: Compute Providers

Google Cloud competes with Microsoft Azure on cost and provides more flexible pricing for mostly all cloud services. However, Azure gives a discounted pricing model that can be attractive for existing Microsoft clients. You can use an Azure TCO to determine the total cost of Azure.

Azure vs Google Cloud: Pricing

  • Microsoft Azure rates highlights
  • 1-3 years commitments for reserved VM circumstances grant a considerable discount
  • If you run Microsoft software application on-premises, you can get an Azure Hybrid Benefit discount of up to 40% 
  • Considerable discounts for development and testing Azure instances for Visual Studio users
  • If you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) you can get additional discounts on cloud computing services
  • Azure offers a free tier with minimal services, many more prominent solutions for 12 months, and $200 credit report to try any other paid service

Google Cloud pricing highlights

  • If you use the same circumstances for the majority of a given month you are eligible for a continual discount up to 30% 
  • For tasks that can be paused and reactivated later on (not requiring high schedule), you can use Preemptible VM Circumstances with discounts up to 80% 
  • If you make a long term commitment to using a VM (like Azure reserved VMs), you are eligible for discounts of approximately 57% 
  • GCP offers a complimentary tier with some basic services that are constantly free and a $300 credit scores to try other services

Azure and Google pricing calculators

Since cloud pricing is extremely complex and dependent of services used, types of circumstances or storage, bandwidth consumed, and numerous other factors, it is best to make use of the calculators given by each supplier, inputting your specific use specifications: 


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