Human Capital Management (HCM) is essentially a term given to software that assists organizations to deal with HR over all parts of employee needs. Quick consideration may be payroll and attendance, but additional ones could be training and development, recruitment, and onboarding, and overall employee performance.

All of this can be bundled into a single software platform to make HR work better inside an integrated HCM framework. Analytics would give actionable insights to help increase efficiency and improve productivity, without hurting your business. 

Moving to the right HCM solution can appear to be a daunting challenge, but if it is done in the right way, it can do some amazing things for your overall revenue while improving employee engagement and motivation. Just ensure that any platform is properly tested for your organization’s needs before you look to adopt it, otherwise what promises to be a solution can end up as an issue for you as well as your employees. 

A Quick Look at the best HCM platforms 

  1. SAP SuccessFactors
  2. Oracle HCM Cloud
  3. Workday
  4. BambooHR
  5. Infor CloudSuite HCM
  6. Ceridian Dayforce

1. SAP SuccessFactors

Use Sap SuccessFactors simple UI to meet all your HCM requirements

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Multiple HCM features
  • Relatively expensive

SAP SuccessFactors is an industry-driving HCM solution that expects to rearrange HR management. It conveys core HR and payroll data and provides time and attendance, management, recruiting and onboarding, as well as learning and development. There additionally includes covering performance and compensation, workforce planning, and HR analytics. Consulting and support services are also available as required. SuccessFactors is a comprehensive system, covering everything from visa and permit requirements for workers, to measurements and benchmarks with visualizations to help provide business intelligence insights into your workforce. 

Although SAP’s SuccessFactors covers nearly everything the most business will think it needs, there are also related services available, for example, Workforce Planning to help adjust employee development with business objectives, as well as the SAP Digital Boardroom which provides leaders a real-time perspective of the organization as well as inter-departmental performance.

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Overall, SAP SuccessFactors is marketed as an all-in-one solution and it covers most bases very well, but the one dissatisfaction is that there’s no flat-rate pricing so you’ll have to contact SAP for a quote. 

2. Oracle HCM Cloud

You can choose the Oracle’s Module according to your needs

  • Variety of packages
  • Suitable for larger enterprises
  • Not customizable

Oracle HCM Cloud is an extensive HRMS suite equipped towards medium to large size organizations. The solution consists of a few unique modules which can be acquired as one single suite or as individual stand-alone products. 

The ‘Global HR’  package features employees’ information, self-service functionality, worker lifecycle, and processes, for industry and union support. There are also tools that provide information on the cost and effect on any organizational changes. 

The ‘Workforce Management’ module assists organizations with managing employees and labor costs. The ‘Work-Life’ solution provides organizations with the skills required to hold employees and knowledge on the best way to improve employees’ fulfillment. 

3. Workday

Workday provides a Comprehensive Solution for an organization of any size

  • Variety of demos
  • All-in-one solution
  • Some usability issues

Workday provides on-demand financial management and human capital management software, which boasts clients, for example, Netflix, TomTom, Hewlett Packard, AON and, Amazon. 

The suite is reasonable for businesses of all sizes. Modules are accessible in financial management, human capital management, analytics, and professional service automation. 

The HCM solution offers workplace planning, recruiting tools, compensation, benefits, talent management, payroll, time management, and attendance. 

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The Workforce Lifecycle management solution is the fundamental segment of the suite and incorporates tools to help plan, hire, manage, and analyze a large employee base.

The ‘Compensation Management’  tool works by creating and overseeing employees’ compensation packages. Workday offers different types of Demos for its customers.

4. BambooHR

This tool is flexible and reliable as well.

  • Mobile apps
  • Free Trial
  • Some usability issues

BambooHR provides HR Software as a Service and flaunts prominent customers who incorporate SoundCloud, Foursquare, and Asana. 

BambooHR is focused essentially on small and medium-sized businesses. Its dashboard is easy to utilize and well laid out. You can manage personal data, time-off tracking, documents, and reports from here. At the highest point of the dashboard are tabs for services, for example, ‘My Info’, ’employees’, ‘job openings’, and ‘Reports’ among others. All employees can see their photo, employee data, and vacation allowance on the right-hand side of the screen. 

BambooHR is an integrated platform that distributes functions through the chain of clients inside the organization. For instance, managers and administrators are able to see and accomplish more than regular employees. The platform’s benefits administration enables organizations to follow custom benefit packages. They have a variety of plans appropriate for all employees. BambooHR has applications for the two iOS and Android smartphones. From here you can access your company directory & time-off request. The applications also let your employees keep up to date with any progressions inside the organization. 

5. Infor CloudSuite HCM

Users can use the HR Process into one easy platform

  • Consolidate multiple services
  • Manage HR at all levels
  • Analytics for insights

Infor’s CloudSuite HCM means to streamline the HR management procedure, by uniting the various services under a single platform. The result is the capacity to make work processes and complex procedures progressively streamlined and easy to handle. 

Key features include the ability to manage HR from anything from the nearby to the worldwide level, addressing issues, for example, organization structure and budgeting, as well as employee relations, benefits, and time management. Talent management options offer the opportunity not only to just manage recruiting and onboarding, as well as set and monitor appropriate compensation, objectives, and execution. There is a personalized knowledge base portal and case management system, and obviously the capacity to manage payrolls as required. 

Analytics are also built-in, so all parts of the HR procedure can be explored, developed, and optimized, not least concern to building the right workforce for your organization while covering all commitments and liabilities as required. 

CloudSuite HCM is adaptable enough to work across most enterprises, for example, retail, public sector, manufacturing, service industries, energy companies, and public sector services. 

6. Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian provides employees & managers instant access to vital information

  • Centralized platform
  • Detailed information
  • Learning curve

Ceridian Dayforce is explicitly outfitted towards medium and larger sized enterprises. 

Dayforce enables clients to manage payroll, attendance, timesheets, and recruiting among other things. It also offers mobile applications for the two iOS and Android users. Customers can request time off, view any timetable changes, and log their working hours through the application. 

The payroll system is easy to utilize. Employees can track information relating to pay. This includes a comprehensive breakdown of their payslip just as their whole salary history. Dayforce also includes the option to print out tax forms. Employees can also watch out for their attendance and remain side by side of their vacation entitlements. Users also have access to both chat and phone support. Dayforce HCM has its own online support portal.

Dayforce enables administrators to set objectives for team members. These objectives will be tracked and scored by Dayforce toward the end of the working year. 


These are the list of the best Cloud HCM. All tools have various unique qualities to manage HR work. Users can easily select the tools according to their requirements and the budgets after reading this article. Hope you will like it and manage to choose it in an easy way.

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