5 ways to enhance your chances of acquiring an SAP Job

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5 ways to enhance your chances of acquiring an SAP JobNowadays, the SAP job market is increasing very rapidly; as a result; there is a lot of competition in this particular field. The clients frequently have various candidates to select from any given SAP place. The aspirants who want to build their career in SAP has to make a stand themselves out from the mob and to increase the probabilities of getting selected for an SAP job. Though the SAP jobs are more profitable than any other, it needs a lot of hard work, and sacrifices, and also requires a significant amount of reading and the flexibility to accept the new scenarios. Getting a good SAP job is not only enough, but it is also essential for the SAP consultant to enhance their knowledge and secure their position. They should always keep themselves updated as per the requirement of the job market.

On the other hand, to become a successful SAP consultant a candidate should possess some talents and qualities. He or she must have a good education, business process knowledge, good configuration skills, communication skills, team playing, a good understanding of the business requirements, quality documentation, reading ability, knowledge sharing, etc. Having an SAP certification alone will not make you a successful SAP consultant.  However to become a great  SAP consultant and to stay in the SAP job market, the candidate always requires to learn the latest innovations on a daily basis and enhance their knowledge every time. Let us explore a few points which help people to boost their probabilities of obtaining an SAP job.

1. Build your network:

build your network

It is said that “Your Network is your Net worth”. Building your own network with professionals are always helpful. It will ensure that SAP work isn’t going to vanish in the forthcoming year. You should forever stay in touch with your previous associates, and also you can create new links by joining several SAP networking events and conferences. Presently there are a lot of social media sites for the SAP professional, utilizing which you can increase your probabilities of being appointed to a possible SAP job. The social media like LinkedIn has become a vital networking tool for SAP consultants. It has around 500,000 SAP experts listed, a number of large SAP Groups, and a huge amount of SAP occupations posted by both SAP clients and SAP specialist recruitment agencies. The SAP community network, i.e., SCN is another pronounced online network of SAP specialists. You can provide your contribution to this community by adding comments, blogs, and SAP advice; this will help you to improve your status within the community and also to create new and expressive contacts. There are other useful social media sites like Twitter, Xing, Google Plus and Facebook using which the candidates can grow their network. On one side it is always helpful to gather the knowledge, and on the other hand, it is beneficial to maintain the professional network.

2. Keep updated with the latest innovations:

The SAP job market is always dynamic and competitive; thus it is required to keep your skills, technical knowledge, and qualification up to date as per the latest technology. You can enhance your understanding by attending the training sessions and work towards the SAP certifications and other industry-related skills. It will always be helpful to have the experience of the latest SAP releases and the enhancement packs. With only limited resources, the new SAP achievement will always lead to increased demands. It will always be beneficial to acquire the experience of the latest SAP products primarily. The example of the latest SAP achievement includes Ariba, Business Objects, Hybris, SuccessFactors, Sybase, and Syclo. Thus, the SAP consultants must have look out the new products and the areas, in which the SAP is very active in the market. The SAP customers can purchase these latest innovations within a very short time span and shortly needs an SAP consultancy. If you have experience in the SAP HANA and HANA related skills such as SAP S/4HANA Simple Finance, then you will be the most attractive view to the potential SAP employers. Any of the SAP Consultant can keep himself up to date about the latest SAP innovation by attending SAP conferences such as Sapphire, and SAP TechED. Also, the RSS news feed is a decent technique to stay in the loop with the latest SAP news.

3. Selection of a Good SAP recruitment agency:

Well, it is always important to choose an appropriate recruitment agency because most of the SAP consultant will find their jobs through the recruitment agencies only. The right recruitment firm will help you to get the right SAP job as per your skills. It is recommended to select a few good agencies, work with them and always keep them updated with your CV, latest contact details, and availability. There might be several questions running in your mind regarding the recruitment agency:

  • Does the agency is specialized in SAP?
  • Does their emphasis on the geographic area in which you want to work?
  • Do they carry out their work at competitive rates, fees, and margins?
  • Has the recruitment firm been the highly reputed within the SAP community?
  • Will the firm going to signify you in a professional and decent style?

There are many good recruitment agencies; thus you can search and find out a good and right firm for you.

4. Developing good communication skills:


Success in the career mostly depends on your communications. The communication skill is also equally important and hence cannot be neglected. Everybody may not have excellent communication skills; it mainly depends on the natural skills and the surroundings. If a person does not have good communication skills, he or she should always try to develop it.  It is not only, just like the talking in English, but an SAP consultant should also know how to talk in Business and technical language. The clients always expect the consultant that they should speak in a business language with them. An SAP employer can significantly increase their attractiveness if they have good communication skills and can speak different languages. Nowadays, English has become the global language for all businesses including SAP. If an SAP consultant is working in Germany, it would be an added advantage if he knows the German language and will also provide the opportunities in a country with one of the constant economies in the world. It will also help you to enhance your views for securing SAP jobs in the German-speaking of Switzerland, in this area, you can find the highest paid SAP jobs.

5. Create an attractive CV:

It is required to create an effective SAP CV, to develop a successful SAP career. It is an essential foundation for building a successful SAP career. If you are looking for a new SAP employment opportunity, your CV is the first thing which helps an employer to decide whether you are suitable for the SAP position or not.

Apart from these points, there are a few more points which are essential to enhance the chances of securing an SAP job, like Good knowledge of Business Processes, good Configuration skills and SAP Community Network.


Developing a good SAP network will increase the chances of getting SAP consultant jobs easily. The SAP consultant should always keep themselves updated with the latest innovations in SAP; they can achieve this by attending various conferences and training sessions. They should have excellent communication skills. The knowledge of different languages will always be helpful for the SAP consultant. The  SAP consultant should also have good business process knowledge and configuration skills. Thus, with the help of these steps, an SAP consultant can enhance the probabilities of securing the SAP job.

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