5 Best Workday Features: User Must Know About

Category: Workday HCM Posted:Jan 20, 2021 By: Serena Josh
5 Best Workday Features: Users Must Know About

One of the most important factors for choosing Workday over the legacy method is the continued growth of it. Customers should look forward to keeping one of the most improved versions of Workday in front of them at all times with 2 upgrades per year. 

But with each upgrade bringing a surplus of new attributes and upgrades, it can be a challenge to find out which one to prioritize, particularly for businesses with limited resources. That is why having an experienced release management partner to help you through each update is a good idea.

A dedicated Workday service partner will not only be able to recognize the best new features but will also be able to make references based on exactly how Workday is used by your business. 

Workday Google Schedule Interview Scheduling Integration

For every workday change, strengthening practices and reducing customer effort is 2 of the priorities. That’s why users can now incorporate Workday with a tool they know and like, Google Calendar, to schedule meetings, create interview groups, and handle input from meetings, all of which have the power to make the recruiting process more reliable.

Prevent duplicate records during recruiting and procurement 

Data hygiene is essential to working effectively, regardless of what tools you use. That’s why the new Workday update makes it easier to avoid people from making duplicate documents while recruiting staff or contingent workers. Workday has enhanced the ability of users to identify people who might already be in the system by using extended search parameters that include names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Documents for Regrow Candidate 

In certain cases, changes are required after the offer letter has been accepted. That’s why Workday has made it easier for users to regrow and resend bid letters that have already been accepted, in line with the theme of increasing productivity and reducing commitment, doing even more to improve the recruiting process for businesses using Workday.

Worker Start Date Modification 

They have also made it much easier to communicate with worker start dates and remind teams of those modifications in the same way as Workday has made it easier to restore and resend offer letters. Users can process date changes and other related behavior automatically with this functionality, ensuring that they can adapt flexibly to progressing circumstances with minimal manual effort.

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Internet Payment by Mobile 

It’s easier for certain Workday users to use the Workday app than to use Workday on a laptop. If you try to see comprehensive payroll details, however, this can mean zooming in on a small form to learn more about your next pay date, your pay background, or your net pay year-to-date. Workday 2020 R1 provides users with a much improved visual experience, reducing users’ efforts further.

Learn all about Handling Release Management 

As Workday continues to grow, users of Workday should be assured that they have the new and best version. But when there’s a lot to remember and finally to customize, how can you maneuver through a new Workday upgrade? 

Your performance would be crucial for a partner with in-depth expertise around Workday release management.


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