The core focus of Zaran Tech’s Solutions Services is to assist clients in continually improving their overall e-learning strategies through the products and services we offer. Not all solutions fit all clients. Our Solution Services division focuses on assisting clients with consultative services including:

  • User management
  • Course and curricula management
  • Custom content support
  • Application support
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Vendor management
  • Developing a partnership to implement a comprehensive e-learning strategy within their organizations on a national or global scale

Zaran Tech has further enhanced our focus by expanding elements of the Solution Services offerings to manage all aspects of our clients’ complex learning programs. Solutions Services utilizes a program management approach to manage and support self-paced learning.

Program Management Services

Zaran Tech’s Program Management Services offers the ability to have full-time, on-site dedicated resources to assist with creating and implementing enterprise e-learning strategies.

Program Management Services can assist with:

  • Strategic and operational consulting
  • Overall program management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Integrating blended learning solutions
  • Reporting and trending analysis
  • Instructor led training management
  • Overall administration

At the core of this offering is the ability to align very closely with the client’s direction, organizational culture and the scope and sequence of events that will lead to an integrated e-learning solution that the organization will value long term. The Program Management team that works on-site is integrated into the day-to-day operations and understands the challenges and opportunities that the business faces. The power that this offering brings to the table is the ability to leverage best practices in the e-learning industry.

The Program Management Services teams work with the client to more fully develop the existing Zaran Tech and other products to deliver the best blended learning solutions that are unique to the client’s business.

Some of the service offerings include:

  • Lead or assist with change management/marketing shifts to alternative learning methods
  • Managing day to day project execution
  • Evaluating project risks, leading project teams, monitoring project progress
  • Designing and developing communication and implementation plans for e-learning initiatives
  • Educating client management and staff to Zaran Tech upgrades and new technologies
  • Serve as a mentor and liaison to associates that are working on custom content development and deployment
  • Assist with the management of custom content projects
  • Perform reporting, trending analyses and ROI measurements to report e-learning successes
  • Assist with learning program development and integrating blended learning solutions across the client base.
  • Assistance with ILT set up, scheduling and administration within the platform
  • Create and map courseware and Books 24×7 content to competency maps

Blended Learning Services

Zaran Tech Blended Learning Services offers a blended solution that enables learners to get certified efficiently and effectively. The blended solution leverages a mix of learning assets that enhance the ways in which people learn. It also provides alternatives that appeal to a wide range of learning styles. The blended solution combines instructor assisted distance learning and traditional self-directed e-learning in a structured program. The learning assets reside in a customized training path on Zaran Tech’s LMS.

At the core of the program is the dedicated program manager. At a high level, the program manager’s role is:

  • Ensures the certification program is successful
  • Ensures all participants understand the program requirements and time commitments
  • Creates detailed program guide to articulate required commitments
  • Completes weekly status reports
  • Monitors all program activity and notifies any participant who is not completing the required assignments on schedule
  • Tracks exam results