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Six Secrets of an effective Business Analyst

Business Analyst TrainingA Business analyst affects the outcome of the software project. So what are the skills that they master? Here is a list of six skillset that makes them invaluable:

  1. They understand the core issue of the business problem :

The business analyst must be able to frame and structure a problem properly. This includes use of some technical skills, knowledge of the subject matter and common sense. With these attributes solution is within reach for the problem.

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Characteristics of a great Lean Six Sigma project manager

Lean Six Sigma TrainingThese are some common traits for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project manager:

  1. A fantasist. Project manager must be proactive and should manage with the resources he has. He must be optimistic and not complain about lack of operating environment.

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The rise of IT business analyst

Business Analyst TrainingThe hottest job for IT market is Business analyst. According to Forecast survey the next quarter shall witness hiring of more business analysts. IT business analyst has been rated as one of the top 10 job to pursue with average pay at $85,000. Knowledge of pure technology is less in demand as compared to technology along with the business analysis skills. In older days analyst used to take notes and build a bill for the client but now an analyst is a problem solver. Since companies face complex issues they expect IT to help the business along with the use of multiple technologies to resolve the business challenges.

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Top 8 trends in analytics to watch in 2015

Big Data TrainingThe increase in the number of researchers and analysts should be valued but must not be managed just as an asset. They predict the future of an organization based on the way that they can monetize their data for financial gains. Big Data Analytics is a fast growing field in which the competitors try to innovate and gain advantage over their competitors.  Leading companies are trying to enhance their competitive skills. To meet the current demands, companies are trying to strengthen their competitive skills. Market place is looking for data scientist. Many organizations and universities are working towards the same. There is a significant trend for data analytic field to watch in 2015. The top 10 trends include:

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Three Approaches for SAP HANA adoption

SAP HANA Training and CertificationIT executives are spending time working on SAP’s in-memory technology. SAP HANA has become well recognized by the businesses. The in memory technology is speeding the business processes. SAP HANA has increased the accuracy of data for major organizations.  To implement HANA at an organization level, these three approaches can be followed:

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Role of a tester in requirement engineering

QA Testing TrainingRequirements are used by testers as the basis of the testing process, test cases, review for testing, and participate in requirement gathering. Quality Assurance training helps the tester understand his role. But many testers lack in requirement gathering in case of testing process. So what is expected from a tester in requirement gathering? What is testability? How can testers improve this process? There are five critical factors for requirements engineering:

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Know more about Android

AndroidAndroid helps to deliver complete set of mobile applications, middle ware applications and operating system for mobile devices. Some features of Android include:

  1. Open: Android has been developed to utilize the full capability of the handset. The mobile applications help in facilitating the same. For example, the application can use phone’s main functionality like sending messages, calling, using camera and creating better experiences for the user. Linux Kernel is used to build Android. Android uses customized virtual machine so that memory and hardware is optimized in the mobile environment. Android can be used incorporate new technologies since it is open source. Thus Android shall be used to build mobile applications.

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Should a Business Analyst design the code

BAWhether a Business analyst must look into the code or not is a debatable question. To be specific it depends on the project demand or the employer. A Business Analyst must ensure he does the following activities:

  1. Have interaction with the stakeholders and the clients.
  2. Drafting the requirements for the business and defining the scope.
  3. High level functional requirements conversion.
  4. Having prototype design and use cases.
  5. Making Test scenarios.
  6. Having functional testing.

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