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The future of Big Data

Big Data TrainingThere is a pool of data rising rapidly and we are swimming in the pool of data. Huge volume of data and information has been created for millions of connected people, millions of sensors and millions of transactions. Data is being gathered from all the sources including daily lives, oceans, soil, ships etc. Since the data is increasing to large level, in future the data won’t be having any place. Many people like leaders, corporate leaders, health officials, education specialists have wondered whether the data can provide an insight into the behavior of people, their response to various products, their buying intentions and other policy programs. So we are entering the era of Big Data.

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Five Key elements of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Training and CertificationTo score a project in Lean Six Sigma five key elements have been identified. These are:

1.Common vision and goals: Vision for a company and common goal, making it common goal for all the employees. Vision means the final result after the things have been implemented.

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Big Data Debate

Big Data TrainingApache’s Hadoop framework has become familiar with the big data movement and is dominant for data management platform. We used to wonder how can we store the information but now we think on whether we can afford to throw away the information. Big Data Hadoop has changed the economics of analysing and storing the information. It’s easier to store, manage and analyse the information. Hadoop requires lots of hands on coding and limited resources for supporting tools are available. People are doing amazing things with this technology. More robust SQL capabilities have been integrated with Hadoop technology to bring out an entire SQL-based ecosystem.

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How Business Analysis Training Will Make You a Better Analyst

Business Analysis TrainingIn this article, we shall see the importance of Business Analysis Training for business analysts. Innovation is important for business success. Business Analysis helps in solving the issues of an organisation. To be an effective Business analyst one must have strategic vision and must work on the condition that can create a change in the organisation. There are eight processes in Business Analysis:

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Android Apps for Engineers

Android TrainingWith the constantly changing technology, people have become attached to their mobile devices. Smart phones are being used to accomplish the tasks with a simple. The market has changed significantly. Android has powered hundreds of millions of mobile phones and smart devices in more than 190 countries around the globe. It’s the largest installed platform of any mobile platform. Android is growing fast. Every day another millions of people install Android and they start installing apps, games and digital content.

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Salesforce aims beyond CRM

SalSalesforce Certificationesforce has become more than a cloud-based CRM system. The new reinvented CRM through cloud services and application is developed subsequently. Force.com has created add-on applications to the CRM that will help in integration of central Salesforce.com suite. Salesforce is a data centric technology that helps in customer engagement and employee facing or business to business apps. The application streams are used as a backbone component for CRM awareness.


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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare sector

Lean Six Sigma E-LearningThere is a rapid increase in the cost of medical care that is alarming and unsustainable rate across worldwide. There has been significant increase in the cost that has been credited to the ageing population and advances in technology. There are two factors, inevitable because of the demographic developments of the modern society and technological features that are out of control.

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What is SAP-HANA

SAP-HANSAP-HANA Training and CertificationA is an in-memory database. SAP-HANA is a combination of software and hardware that is used to process the real time data with the help of In-Memory computing. It is the combination column based and row based technology. Data resides in main-memory (RAM) and is not stored on a hard disk. SAP-HANA is used to perform real-time analytics, develop and deploy real time applications. An In-Memory database defines that the entire data is stored in the memory (RAM). Time is not wasted by loading the data from the hard disk to RAM or while processing the data in RAM and the temporary data on hard disk. Hence CPU has a quick access for processing the data when everything is in-memory for the entire period.

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Business Analyst View on Apple Watch

Business Analyst e-LearningAs per Business Analyst, Apple Watch shall be the most profitable product that Apple has rolled out. The analyst has concluded theories for Apple Watch.  The launch of Apple Watch was slow and long. The sales of the product have been excellent in the first few hours. As per the market research millions were sold in just few hours. China has even sold gold Apple Watch in less than an hour.

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Amazing Tips for Android Developer

Android Android Trainingis an operating system that is based on the Linux. Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is the project that is responsible for developing the Android system. It is led by Google. The Android provides rich user interface library, processing of background, using 2-D and 3-D graphics and having an access to the file system as SQLite database. It consists of non-visual and visual components. Android reuses the other application with the help of task. From the component of the developing application, we can trigger another system component of Android system. This shall manage the applications like maps and photos.

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