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Attend a Live WEBINAR about Big Data Hadoop Admin Training on 9-Jun-2015 @8:00 PM CST ‪#‎ZaranTech

Hadoop Apdmin Training

Time : Tuesday June 9th , 2015 @ 8:00 pm CST

You are most welcome to join our Upcoming batch, details of the same is as follows:

Demo Date 9th June Tue @ 8:00 PM CST
Class Schedule 18th June Thu and Fri at 8:00 PM CST and Sat 10 am CST for 1-2 hrs each session
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Contact : Ilyas @ 515-978-9788 , Email : ilyas@zarantech.com

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Attend a Free Live WEBINAR about Hadoop Admin Training on 9-Jun-15 @8:00 PM CST. Register Link  – http://goo.gl/BYufNJ


Key elements of Business Management

BUSINESS ANALYSIS TrainingBusiness management operations are the most important factors for many organizations. In service oriented business the main operations are highly task oriented. Business activities support primary task operations and follow the product from basic resources to the entire unit. Effective business management involves:

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How to make your Android phone safe for your kids to use

Android Lollipop TrainingIf you are the person who spend a lot of time around kids, then you must try to manage the smart devices like smart phones, tablets etc. Here are some applications from Android Lollipop that will help in protecting the apps from young users:

Setting up user accounts

This new version of Android Lollipop also supports user accounts. This is similar to Windows or Mac. While using Settings, scroll down to Users and click on Add user. This will create individual users with customization and apps which do not interfere with other’s account. Multiple accounts can be created using Android Lollipop. We can disable calling and SMS using the setting features in different accounts. You can also restrict various apps using this feature.

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Heinz puts SAP Hana in the cloud to boost global efficiency

SAP HANA CertificationFood producer Heinz has implemented SAP HANA to improve efficiency. Davor Brkovich, director of the operations for technology has said to manage on a global scale cloud is beneficial. The business intelligence platform has been integrated in more than 40 countries. SAP HANA has helped to improve performance trends, ability to identify problems and helps to optimize the strategies for sales team. The virtual stream in SAP HANA has helped to deploy a unified business platform globally. Heinz required an intelligent system to deploy these disparate sources of data.

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Discover the future with Android Auto

ZaranTech Android TrainingAndroid Auto is a new standard that has been developed by Google to help the mobile devices running Android Operating systems to be operated in the automobiles. Android Auto was built using Android Lollipop. Android Auto has standard offering like GPS mapping/navigation, SMS telephony, web search, touchscreen and button controlled units. This whole system is supported by hands free operation with the help of voice commands. To ensure safe driving we have voice commands for the same. There are some compatible apps for this android auto. These apps are TuneIn, Google maps, Google play music etc. This Android Auto is an initiative by Open Automotive Alliance and mobile tech supplier Nvidia supports the cause.

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Business case: A challenge for SAP users

SAP HANA TrainingCost is not only the concern of customers using SAP HANA. They do not find the use of in memory technology today. The companies say that they are unable to identify the business case that would justify the cost of using SAP HANA. There is lack of knowledge regarding the business cases. There has been a reversion to the technology on the various technologies like advanced analytics technologies, database and big data. SAP HANA is not preferred because the workforce lacks the skills for the same. Majority of the population is unaware of the skills that are required for SAP HANA. Since SAP HANA is the new technology that is rising in the market, the widespread adoption requires time and patience. SAP shall support the existing environments in future. The common integration with SAP HANA include Business Warehouse on HANA, Business Suite on HANA, HANA custom analytics, HANA enterprise applications, and HANA Enterprise.

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Problem solving an essential skill for Business analyst

What do Business Analyst doProblems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our courage and our wisdom. It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually.” M. Scott Peck

  • Problem solving is an important form of critical thinking.
  • Considered the most complex of all intellectual functions, problem solving has been defined as “higher-order cognitive process that requires the modulation and control of more routine or fundamental skills (Goldstein & Levin, 1987)”.
  • Problems occur if an organism when he does not know how to proceed from the current state to original desired state.
  • Problems need solutions and effective alternatives to get resolved.

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Courses for Digital Age

Big Data TrainingThe digital age has led to enormous range of data. Thus large amount of information is generated for this age. There are topics that are apropos to our digital lives:

  1. Harnessing Big Data 

Making the most of Big Data is the need of the hour. Certain activities like tweets, posts and videos are creating a huge amount of data. Big data helps in storing, extracting and analyzing the data sets.

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The future of Big Data

Big Data TrainingThere is a pool of data rising rapidly and we are swimming in the pool of data. Huge volume of data and information has been created for millions of connected people, millions of sensors and millions of transactions. Data is being gathered from all the sources including daily lives, oceans, soil, ships etc. Since the data is increasing to large level, in future the data won’t be having any place. Many people like leaders, corporate leaders, health officials, education specialists have wondered whether the data can provide an insight into the behavior of people, their response to various products, their buying intentions and other policy programs. So we are entering the era of Big Data.

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Five Key elements of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Training and CertificationTo score a project in Lean Six Sigma five key elements have been identified. These are:

1.Common vision and goals: Vision for a company and common goal, making it common goal for all the employees. Vision means the final result after the things have been implemented.

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