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Hadoop standardization required for industry growth

HadoopWith the latest versions of Hadoop being released the older versions are being modified and the behavior is changing for the same. Developers need to check for the changes in the applications. Since Hadoop platform is developing we need standardization of the process. Vendors and developers try to fix the applications and test them in multiple versions of Hadoop after releasing the product. This has resulted in slow migration of custom built apps to a better version of Hadoop. This complexity has given rise to a platform of Swiss-cheese matrix among st the vendors with customers having the option to choose between one tool and any other tools. They have to resolve the bugs and limitations.

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2015 Business Analysis predictions

BA TrainingIt’s that time of year to make predictions for Business Analysis. These are some predictions for the future: The number of companies utilizing agile will rapidly grow. They will adopt WaterScrumFall approach. This is also known as hybrid approach where they would analyse the entire effort before delivering the entire project. There would be effectiveness in the development efforts for the organization.

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Whats new in SAP HANA?


SAP HANA SPS 09 has added to the functionalities provided by SAP. This has helped in improving cloud application and providing powerful transactional and analytical applications. This way we create great value from big data assets and help in co-innovation with the clients and customers. If talk about cloud enhancement SAP HANA SPS 09 helps in running multiple independent databases related to SAP on single system that is SAP HANA system.

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History of Cloud Computing

Salesforce TrainingThe history of cloud computing is not very old and the first cloud computing services were launched in 1999 by Salesforce.com and Google. As business technology and internet was growing rapidly, cloud computing is the solution that can help business technology perform better. Beginning of the year 2000 was an excellent time for an internet based company. The platform was very good for cloud computing to implement universal software interoperability. Salesforce.com was launched in 1999 and there was a first site that could deliver business applications from a normal website.

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Learn more about Lean Six Sigma

Learn-more-about-Lean-Six-SigmaLean Six Sigma thinking originated at Toyota Company with the Toyota Production System (TPS). The original concepts were given by Sakichi Toyota in the year 1920. Taiichi Ohno began to see these ideas getting implemented in the system in the year 1940 but there was a transformation only in the year 1950. The concepts for lean Six Sigma came from American supermarkets where only small amounts of selection of inventory is filled by the customers and they pull them from the shelf. This is also known as Kanban System.

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BA skills to stand out in a crowd

BA-skills-to-stand-out-in-crowdWhat are the most important skills for a business analyst? There are a lot of skills that have been listed in the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABoK). But what critical skills make a business analyst focus on to stand out in a crowd?

So these critical skills are needed to stand out in the crowd: The following four are:

  • System thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Pattern thinking
  • Communication

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Role of Healthcare Data Analyst

ZaranTech QA TrainingAn analyst’s job involves a lot of data. So we need to understand the tools analysts require background knowledge of data. Any type of data can be used for analytics for data capture, data analysis and data provisioning.

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Smartphones will become only computer

Android TrainingSmartphones will be the next computers in the near future. Most of our tasks would be accomplished at home or office with the help of these devices. Many of the television programmes can be viewed on these smart devices. In future there would be more than 8.5 billion smart devices that shall be shipped across the world. The chip maker is the heart of revolution that involves mobile and wireless technology. Continue reading Smartphones will become only computer

Wrangling Big Data Requires Novel Tools, Techniques

Big Data HadoopApache Hadoop has opened up lots of possibilities to analyse big data for an organization. There is a lot of complexity for these applications and the method by which this data is managed effectively. Many people like researchers have access to an array of data to discover significant trends and find out patterns for transactions, sports statistics etc. For example in sports data is large so it needs to merge with larger data. Hence companies must use new approach to deal with big data. Continue reading Wrangling Big Data Requires Novel Tools, Techniques

Pentaho adds Amazon EMR, SAP HANA to data integration platform

SAP HANA TrainingHitachi Data systems as per the new acquisition of data integration have released a new update for the platform for SAP HANA and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). The director of big data marketing at Pentaho has said this is all about future proofing big data environments. They are really proud to future proof these investments. The latest Pentaho 5.4 focuses on these three key elements:

·         Deployment of Big Data on Cloud

·         Blending of the entire data across the enterprise

·         Customer must be comfortable about the scaling and growing of the Hadoop environment.

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