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Understanding WCF

Understanding-WCFThis article provides an insight to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). It shall also explain the new features for WCF in .NET Framework 3.5. Windows Communication Foundation is a critical component of .NET Framework 3.0. WCF provides a service-oriented programming model. This also integrated with tools to build connected applications and run-time engine. WCF has unified and extended the functionality of the technologies that exist within Microsoft and has helped to connect them in a single programming model that is independent.

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More about Android Development

AndroidAn Android application is a group of activities and tasks. Each activity that is associated with an application has a unique objective and user interface. To understand this development fully, imagine a theoretical game task and an application.

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Transition from QA to BA

QA to BAAs a QA analyst, you have the expertise to identify the snags as you systematically monitor and evaluate various aspects of the project. This experience will aid in understanding the competencies necessary for a successful business analyst and acts as a first step towards achieving the goal of becoming a business analyst.

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Best Practices of SAP ABAP development

SAP ABAPThese are some best practices for SAP ABAP development.

1. Business Requirements must be reviewed and functional specification must be written

The first step of ABAP development project starts with meeting the clients to understand their business requirements which will be implemented in the SAP system. A best method is to conduct interviews, workshops to know more about the business requirements. A clearly defined functional specification must have UML diagrams and test cases.

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What is Service Oriented Architecture

JAVA JEE SOAUnderstanding SOA starts with the basic question of what a service-oriented?  Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an evolution which is a result of distributed computing that is based on the request and response mechanism for any type of applications. The applications may be synchronous and asynchronous applications. An application’s business logic is defined in modular form and is shown as services for client applications. These services are loosely coupled in nature this means that the service interface is independent of the implementation. Application developers have built these applications by composing one or more services. For example, a service can be implemented either in Microsoft .Net or JAVA J2EE, and the application using the service can be on a different language or platform.

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Core themes for QA to focus on digital transformation

QA TrainingIn today’s quality driven environment, QA & Testing is essential in digital transformation. These are some themes to focus on:

Key theme 1: Customer Experience

During the period of digital transformation one must make a decision based on customer experience and customer journey. The efforts must enhance the digital customer experience. This will ensure high quality products and services. As a result it shall create confidence in the business.

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Outstanding performance by SAP-BW

SAP BW on SAP HANAFor many years, organizations have successfully been using SAP Business Warehouse in their organization to analyse the business data for the companies. But these days SAP BW is not able to meet the entire requirements as flexibility, real time capability and handling of mass data. The problem arises due to conventional usage of database that impacts the high performance reporting on the basis of up to date ERP data. To overcome this problem we have SAP BW on SAP HANA platform.

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Top predictions for cloud

Salesforce TrainingCloud computing is the new technology that is gaining popularity in the market. Here are some predictions for cloud in the coming years:

  1. We shall find more applications on the cloud

As lots of software is being built on cloud we can expect many applications to come up on the cloud.  Cloud adoption has made operational excellence and has improved its innovation. Lots of enterprises are spending on increasing their budget for cloud services.

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Hadoop standardization required for industry growth

HadoopWith the latest versions of Hadoop being released the older versions are being modified and the behavior is changing for the same. Developers need to check for the changes in the applications. Since Hadoop platform is developing we need standardization of the process. Vendors and developers try to fix the applications and test them in multiple versions of Hadoop after releasing the product. This has resulted in slow migration of custom built apps to a better version of Hadoop. This complexity has given rise to a platform of Swiss-cheese matrix among st the vendors with customers having the option to choose between one tool and any other tools. They have to resolve the bugs and limitations.

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2015 Business Analysis predictions

BA TrainingIt’s that time of year to make predictions for Business Analysis. These are some predictions for the future: The number of companies utilizing agile will rapidly grow. They will adopt WaterScrumFall approach. This is also known as hybrid approach where they would analyse the entire effort before delivering the entire project. There would be effectiveness in the development efforts for the organization.

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