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Inside Java2 Virtual Machine

javaWith the recent advancement in virtual machine technology, Java has been the heart of the discussion. The use of first Java machine was seen in 1995. After those years things have been changing for Java platform. As Java is network oriented, the speed of performance is low as compared to C++. With the help of adaptive optimization, this problem has been overcome for Java technology. Sometime, performance is a limitation for Java application. Nevertheless Java is a flexible tool.

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HP LoadRunner in the cloud

loadA performance testing solution has been recently launched as a part of Quality Assurance. This cloud version has been launched for as alternative collaboration with Amazon EC2. The launching of cloud version has enabled multiple functions. The performance testing is done with the help of web version and AJAX. Rising demands for cloud application on mobile devices has led to this solution. This solution finds the best suitable answer for the clients in terms of budget, time and deadlines.

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Big Data Future

data (1)The urge to move places has been the tendency from the past. Ancient tribes mobilized with the help of cave painting, their finger-marks, sounds and guidance from the stars. Now we use GPS to locate our location and reach our destination on various devices. Numerous videos have also been watched over places. This has led to lots of data generation for the phenomenon called Big Data.

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Latest Trends for SAP NetWeaver

sapDeveloper’s workbench has been updated to work on cloud, social networking and mobile with the help of new capabilities integrated by SAP. SAP Netweaver has been incorporated with SAP HANA to provide this extended feature. The improved technology is available on SAP Netweaver 7.3. The software codes have become simplified with the help of ABAP code line. Operating processes can be monitored using SAP Solution Manager. There have been updates with process orchestration; this has led to reduced costs and less hardware usage

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What are the recent developments in Healthcare Domain for Business Analysts?

fHow many of us have heard about Health insurance portability? Healthcare Domain has become an integral part of our lives. We are familiar with the term of mobile number portability similarly we have health insurance portability. Due to the flexibility provided by certain medical insurance providers, give an option to switchover to another company. As stated by the guidelines policies by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) this flexibility has been introduced.

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Five Business Analytics Trends for 2014

gSo what is new Business Analytics trend that have been predicted by the researchers for 2014? We are going to discuss the top five trends which shall dominate the market in 2014. The technology and innovation feature shall drive the company’s decisions regarding data. Data Visualization is one of them. It shall help to prepare different data sets by asking interactive questions. Thus this provides the data democratization. This shall ensure strong data culture while gathering data. The future shall be full of mathematics and statistics over the data sets that have been gathered.

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Cross Platform Mobile Development with Visual studio

eVisual Studio has introduced cross platform mobile development with the help of Apache Cordova. This is the new open source, multi device mobile development which has become a part of Microsoft Visual studio. It is an updated feature of Visual Studio 2013. This support from Apache Cordova will help the engineers to make certain devices like Android, Window phones and iOS as their targets. This can also be used for Windows store apps.

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Cloudera Director: a new development in Hadoop

bA recent development in Hadoop technology is “Cloudera Director”. So Let’s see what is new in Hadoop. Hadoop has made a recent development with the most advanced and sophisticated for enterprise data hub and apache Hadoop. This feature extends the cloud architecture to the enterprise hub. Thus it has enhanced management and security feature. The standard for deployment is set by Cloud Manager by delivering granular visibility. Hence having control over every part of data hub. These results in high performance, enhanced security, reduced administrative costs, increased compliance.

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