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Cross cultural Management an important aspect of Business Analysis

crossThe growth of competitive market is increasing day by day. As the market comprises of various organizations, the increasing progress can be attributed to the individual organizations. The organization consists of various departments and sub units. These units have their own value and belief system .On the whole the organization being a single entity has its own value system that is known as culture of the organization .Certain companies start a joint alliance hence resulting in cross cultural value system. There are various theories regarding the Cultural aspects of any country. This article tell that cross cultural management is an important task for Business Analyst.

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UML Modeling an integral part of Microsoft .NET

umlActivity diagrams are an integral part of Microsoft .NET training program. In its fundamental basic structure in simple terms the diagram is straightforward and intuitive explanation of working of the workflow. It also helps in determining the paths and the suggestive actions. It also shows the parallel path or process for an action. This is used to depict the basic workflow for a use case in a business environment. In a simple basic workflow the definitions for text is usually moderate , whereas in the complex activity diagram, composite structures, activity diagrams assist to illuminate and create more noticeable workflow.

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Difference between QC and QA

qaQuality Assurance (QA): is the methodology where the organisation ensures that certain protocols, procedures, processes and standards are being
followed for a project or product development. The use of statistical tools used to standardize a process is known as Quality assurance.

Quality Control (QC): helps in developing a checklist for a project. It helps to maintain software quality. It also ensures that the project delivers internal and external products. When the statistical tools are finally applied to the end products, this process is quality control.

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Big Data Hadoop finds application in telecom sector

bigHadoop Big Data is not a new term for telecommunication industry. This sector has been collecting and storing huge volumes of call records over the past few years. Telecom switches are generating lots of CDRs every single minute. Hence terabytes of data is generated during the whole day that is 24 hour cycle. Hence there is a development in application that can easily pull data from CDRs and sensors. This has also helped in knowing the location and allocating bandwidth.

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Android studio releases first stable version

androidAndroid Operating System has developed throughout the years from modest to complicated versions. Core libraries, APIs have been updated to provide better experiences for the developers and the users. As hardware was updated there was a need for the software updates. The previous codes were updated and the new Android architecture known as Android 5.0 Lollipop came into the market to provide a new virtual machine experience.

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Understanding SAP BODS

sapBusiness object skill and business object programming are based on the idea of Real world objects called as business objects. Business Objects: (a.k.a. BO, BOBJ) is a German enterprise software company, concentrating in business intelligence (BI). Since 2007, it has been a part of SAP AG. The company claimed more than 46,000 clients worldwide in its last wages release. Its flagship product is Business Objects XI, with mechanisms that offer performance organization, preparation, reporting, question and examination. To accomplish structure encapsulation, the SAP Business Objects are created as entities with several layers:

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Can asking WHY solve a problem?

whyAsking why has been a notable feature of a five year old child. But can asking why solve our problem. Lean Six Sigma tells us that this is the most frequently used analysis technique to find out the actual cause of a problem. This technique has been used in the analyse phase of DMAIC cycle. Now the question arises how to use this tool. It’s very simple. Just ask “Why” until you reach to the root cause of the problem. Using these techniques we use corrective measures rather than finding solutions for a problem. It helps to find solutions for the forthcoming problems.  Let us see an example where this technique can be applied:

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SAP customer confused over how to use SAP HANA

SAP customers confused over how to use SAP HANA (1)SAP has found its application in the market over the last few years. SAP customers are confused over the application of the HANA in memory computing platform. They do not understand what its application in deciding IT strategies is. Majority of the buyers for SAP HANA complain that they do not know where their organization is using SAP HANA.SAP HANA customers do not understand the business cases where this technology shall find an application. The buyers say that they lack roadmap, skillsets for these business professionals.

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Rise of Business Analyst in healthcare domain

Rise of Business analysts in healthcare domainThe most demanding sector that is developing right now is that of healthcare Business analyst training . Much of business analysis work is about good decision making. Analysts consider a problem, find the root cause(s), develop alternative solutions and recommend the best solution for the situation. Improving decision making at all levels of an organization improves the short and long-term performance of the business. Senior business analysts are strategic decision makers.  Health Organizations desperately need high quality decision making and leadership.

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Why JAVA JEE is used in enterprise edition instead of spring?

javaLet us see some pros and cons of JAVA JEE and spring. We need to decide amongst the both while working on a project. JAVA JEE has the following advantages over spring. These are: JEE follows a set of standard specifications and is not dependent on vendor. Many big companies support this sustainability advantage. JAVA JEE certification has become the need for the IT market.

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