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Role Based training for Quality Analyst

Role-Based-training-for-Quality-AnalystQuality analyst is a challenging and an interesting role. The project implementation helps in developing technical and behavioural skills of an individual. ZaranTech believes in role based training as compared to product based training. This helps the individual to gain working knowledge in an industry. There are certain qualities required to be a quality analyst.  These are:

  1. One must possess an eye for key details so that they can be rectified.
  2. Basic computer and internet skills are mandatory.
  3. Editorial skills are also required.
  4. Excellent communication skills.
  5. Multitasking
  6. Active listening skills
  7. Troubleshooting skills
  8. Problem solving approach
  9. Testing tools knowledge

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How does a Business analyst change the domain?


How-does-a-Business-analyst-change-the-domainThere has been question that is revolving around; can a business analyst change his domain? The answer is yes. Now let’s see how difficult it is for changing the domain for the business analyst. How to overcome the challenges encountered while changing the domain.

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Is Android training necessary?

androidAndroid is the future for the smartphones. It is the convenient operating system for the smart devices in recent times. Thus millions of devices which are using android serve as a hot cake in future. We shall be creating enterprise application for android mobiles which shall be ready to use. Android training looks into developing fresher to professional. During Android Training program, an individual tries to learn the basics of programming, databases. Android development shall help to understand the following modules:

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How SAP is beneficial than other ERP systems?

SAp1Let’s see how SAP is beneficial as ERP system. Clarity is the key aspect for any organization which considers progress for its organisation to increase flexibility and durability of the organisation. SAP is largest revenue software provider for the organisations. Inspite of fierce competition SAP still rules the market. Now lets see the benefits of SAP as the best ERP system are:

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Benefits of Big Data

bigBig Data analytic is the process of examining large set of data to understand patterns, correlation and business information. This involves logical approach in understanding the business decisions of organisations. Advanced analytic involve using software tools to find appropriate methods to increase revenues. Big Data analytic is the next future.  A large number of customers are working on Big Data. There are certain practical examples that help to understand the working of big data. Let’s understand the practical examples:

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Understanding cultural aspect in Lean Six Sigma

lean“An organization consists of personnel, physical factors, and functions that brought together to translate plans into tangible products or services” (Harold Koontz, 1983).

In 1870, Mitsubishi was a small organization working on a small scale shipping company with three old steamships by Yataro Iwasaki. Modern day Mitsubishi emerged as an independent organization after World War II .Currently it is serving the society on social, economic and global issues.Mitsubishi is implementing Lean Six Sigma practices in its operation for the organisation. The employees are given Lean Six Sigma training to enhance quality in the system.


“There are certain principles of an organization that may serve as highly valuable guides in working out any individual arrangements”. “A principle is a general rule or truths that may be expected to work under similar conditions anywhere” (Frank M.Rachel, 1981) .There are three principles of Mitsubishi.  These principles were designed by the fourth president of the Mitsubishi organization, Koyata, in the 1930s.

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Essential Skills for an effective Quality analyst

Skills-for-an-effective-quality-analystIn this article we shall discuss some essential skills of Quality Analyst. These skills are:

  1. ACCESSIBILITY: It shows the level of comfort to reach the service of the individuals.
  2. AESTHETICS: The nature of the services delivered to the customer is shown in this determinant. It includes the atmosphere, its ambiance and the availability of the facilities including to the customers.

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Lean Six Sigma Quality Management techniques to ensure high performance of an organization

leanFactors affecting the performance of the organization are:

1)      Basic Infrastructure Facility.

2)      Ensuring Proper Management.

3)      Effective communication between the management and the staff

4)      Effective use of resources.

5)      Health Care facilities for the staff.

6)      Team work.

7)      Making the strategies and the mission of the organization clear.

8)      Performance Appraisals

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Understanding Service quality in Zoo as a part of Quality Assurance

zooThe progress of any organization is dependent on the cumulative growth and functioning of various sub-departments. An effectual tool to evaluate the progress of a task is by setting high standards and measuring the progress against these standards. The service quality management program works on this principle by measuring the progress of a task in a particular department against the specification limits that have been already set up. The following article deals with the service quality management in London Zoo.

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