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Attend a Live WEBINAR about Salesforce Training on 6-Apr-2015 @7:30 PM CST ‪#‎ZaranTech‬


Time : Monday Apr 6th , 2015 @ 7:30 pm CST

You are most welcome to join our Upcoming batch, details of the same is as follows:

Start Date : 6th April, 2015 @ 7:30 pm CST
Class Schedule : Mon to Fri 7:30 pm CST 3 hrs each session
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Contact : bhavani @ 515-978-9047, Email : bhavani@zarantech.com

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Attend a Free Live WEBINAR about Salesforce Training on 6-Apr-15 @7:30 PM CST. Register Link  – http://goo.gl/CGiVCW

What skills are important to be Hadoop Developer

SkillsHadoop technology helps in storing large amount of data with the help of cost effective hardware.  Today everything has become digital and we expect that there would be huge volume of data. So we need to find a cheaper way to store volumes of data. Since Hadoop is open source software and for the same reason it acts like the operating system for the same. HDFS is the used by Hadoop. The employees need to work on data. Big Data shall have millions of data to handle. The Big Data specialists can be divided into three groups:

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Learn more about PDCA in quality assurance

PDCA life cyclePlan-Do-Check-Act cycle is a continuous repetitive cycle. This is done for improvement in quality process. It is a four step model for conducting changes in the process.

Plan: An opportunity must be recognized and then it must be changed.

Do: Conduct the change and have a small scale research.

Check: Try to review the test after the study has been conducted.

Act: In this part we must try to improve the cycle again.

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Understand More about Root Cause Analysis in Lean Six Sigma

Root Cause AnalysisWhile working on problems, we try to understand the basic cause of the problem. The right approach for problem solving techniques is to understand the root cause of the problem. For this we can use Root cause analysis tool of Lean Six Sigma. This shall help the organization to find long term solution for the existing problem. This shall help in finding the best solution for the business. The basic step of root cause analysis is identifying the problem and understanding the problem.

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Transform yourself from SAP fresher to an expert

SAP TrainingA lot of effort is required to transform from a fresher level to an expert level. SAP certification does bridge the gap. SAP certification gives you marketability. There are certain qualities which can help you in becoming an expert in SAP. But apart from this one needs passion, configuration and team work. SAP is coming up with new technologies in the market. These qualities are essential in making an expert:

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What mistakes the Mobile app developer must avoid?

Mobile App developerThis article shall explain about the most common mistakes that we do while building an application.

  1. Developing an application without the focus on customers. The application is developed considering on the steps for building the application instead of the use of application in real world by the customer.
  2. Developing the application only for specific reason. For example the developer develops the form for touch devices. One must consider the scenario where the application performs on multiple devices. Thus the design must have place to implement new features.

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Classic mistakes a business analyst must avoid

Mistakes to avoidThere are some common mistakes that a Business Analyst performs. Let us discuss those mistakes and the methods by which one can avoid those mistakes to be an effective Business Analyst.

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Limitations of Big Data

BIG DATA HADOOPBig Data Analytics is the new development in the IT market. Currently across the globe organizations are planning to collect large scale data and how does a customer decide based on marketing strategy. Here is a list of limitations for marketing analytics:

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How to become a certified Hadoop developer

Hadoop CertificationYou may have zero knowledge of Hadoop language and this online Hadoop training shall help you to learn the core concepts of Hadoop and MapReduce programming to help you clear the certification examination by Cloudera. The exam is CCD-410 that is Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer. At ZaranTech learning Hadoop is a simple process since we offer right orientation. We shall provide thoroughly defined course curriculum to help you clear the developer certification examination.

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Know more about Kaizen Principle

KaizenKaizen is the process of applying continuous change in process, technology, quality, culture, leadership, productivity and safety.To understand Kaizen we shall answer three questions: What is meant by Kaizen? What are the advantages of Kaizen? How to start using Kaizen principles in the process?Kaizen was developed during World War II in Japan. The literal meaning of Kaizen is “continuous improvement”. It is the combination of Japanese words 改 (“kai”) which means “to change” or “to rectify” and 善 (“zen”) which means “for good or benefit”.

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