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Top things to do at work

Top-things-to-do-at-workOn the off chance that you regularly feel like you spend consistently at work pushing a huge stone up a slope (just to come in tomorrow morning and discover it has moved to the base once more), perhaps you have to quit perusing business books and get more handy exhortation. Work for only 15 minutes on end. Try not to fumes yourself. Set a clock and focus on only 15 minutes. At the point when time is up, stop and rest or move onto something else. This procedure is splendid for three reasons. Initially, it dispenses with hesitation. Second, it makes center. What’s more, third, you don’t get exhausted. Dispose of stuff. It is said that “disorder can’t be sorted out;” the best way to place things all together is to dispose of the overabundance. The same principle applies to email and paper. You can utilize the same system to erase messages or clean up your work space. Quit attempting to be great.

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Computing trends for 2015

IT TrendsThere top 10 strategic computing trends for 2015:

1: Computing everywhere

Mobile-device proliferation is growing for 2015. The main focus will be on interaction between the user and the device. The focus will be on how the environments interact with the device.

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Our trainer Sagar for SAP FICO was recently invited as a Guest Speaker for SAP User Group at University of Texas, Dallas, School of Management this past Wednesday

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