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Latest QTP news

QTPSelenium is a standout among the most prominent instruments for program based testing. It is an Open Source extend that has picked up a great deal of ubiquity in the most recent couple of years. Despite the fact that there are other Open Source (free) apparatuses that can test a web application, as HttpUnit, HtmlUnit and so forth, this was one of the first devices that gave a genuine different option for business devices like Quick Test Pro (QTP), WinRunner, Silk and others that had increased huge appropriation by the QA Engineers. There are a couple calculates that have ascribed to Selenium’s prosperity. Since this is a free instrument, it regularly is one of only a handful couple of choices for organizations that don’t have a great deal of spending plan for Automation apparatuses.

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Testing Challenges

QTPIf you create an inventory of a number of the foremost necessary traps in testing, you may notice that in several cases the issues area unit nontechnical. a lot of usually than not, they’re consequences of the take a look at method itself, together with the composition of the take a look at team and whether or not the corporate follows well-integrated processes for formal needs handling management.

The following case stories and instructed remedies will assist you overcome real-life software-testing issues.

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